How much do I love the Mia Tui Inserts

Now I know I designed them.. (well let's not go over the top with the designing as they are just a clear insert bag with a handle..!)

But I am in love with them, and yes I know I should be selling them, to put food on the table and all,  but they are too darn useful .

Look how I used them today, the Play Doh box had always been such a mess, everything just dumped, now everything has their own special bag, the fairies & dinosaurs all in one place, all the shape cutters are together.

Look at my before and after..

So I am now off to put everything in a bag, Polly Pockets, Colouring pens, Peppa Pig figures, Strawberry Shortcake people etc etc.

God I am so cleaver..!!!



  • Karie

    …among all your other attributes! x

  • Emma

    Please can you tell me where you got your dinosaur cutters from??? after surfing the net and visiting a few shops i cannot find any that are suitable for play dough and I’m desperate!
    I’m looking for them to complement a topic on dinosaurs at the preschool i run.
    Thanks for any help xx

  • miatui

    I think they are from ELC – Soft stuff.

    i will dig them out tomorrow and have a look.


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