New ways to use a Mia Tui bag ,iPhone purse and more

So I'm into the final two weeks of our time in Asia, the packers come in next Saturday and put everything we own in a 40ft container.

I have sold the furniture that won't fit in our house in the UK, we have been away for 7 years and had collected some BIG pieces of

The motorbike went yesterday, I don't know who was more sad me or Amelie, Van who produces the Mia Tui bags has taken it, so I know it's in good hands.

I had a meeting at a hardware factory this week, they produce all the hardware for Coach, you can not believe how many human hands touch one clip/ring. It is amazing, from girls inspecting each piece, to the laboratory where they test the product. The quality of the hardware is fantastic, and I have decided that Mia Tui will use them now.

Check out my new sample product, it's a iPhone purse, I am rushing through some to bring home, they are great if you just need to take out your phone, cards and cash.

Some funny uses of a Mia Tui bags have come about this week

I was on the bike Friday taking a lot of bags to the photographer when I found a tiny kitten on the road, so I opened one of the
bags and she rested nicely in one of the pockets. Off we sped to the vets where I deposited her telling them I will be back in 2 hours.

The next unusual use came when I get a phone call from someone telling me they had a break-in and her Mia Tui bag had been stolen, my 1st thought was WOW someone wants to steal a Mia Tui bag I've made it!! Then I realised that it makes the best get away bag, nice and big, plenty of pockets,  it can zip up and has an across the body strap for when they scale 12ft walls and need your hands free!

So two new markets for me then, animal rescue and swag bag, would you believe it!


  • Karie

    Iphone purse is super cool Charlotte! Bummed Simone’s not taking the bike – I thought I’d have my old ride back when I go to visit. Xe om for me! Two weeks left…crazy, soak it up. Is everyone gone on hols now? love you…x

  • SFRProductReviews (Simone)

    I actually have proodf of what a fantastic swag bag the Mia Tui make! Nic and I certainly have the proof this weekend. Pics to follow. Hope you are well x

  • Vikki

    I am loving LOVING L-O-V-ING the look of the iPhone purse!!!

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