Mia Tui at Home Parties

We have been trailing Mia Tui at Home parties in Milton Keynes for 6 months now; and the time has now come where we want to start rolling this out across the country.

Mia Tui is the perfect fit for selling at parties or within your local community, you need to show people why Mia Tui bags are unique and how you can use them for so many different occasions. You then find the bags start to sell themselves.

This is something that you can do in your spare time; it will fit in around your family and allow you to earn some extra money.

We will be looking for another 10-15 people who want to join us and start to spread the Mia Tui love to your local area.

We will work together looking for all the different opportunities to sell Mia Tui bags, we will provide you will the all tools you need to get you off and running.

This is not just another job, you will be part of the Mia Tui family, I want to work together to build this company and you could be there from the beginning.

I have set up the http://miatuiathome.com holding page for you to register your interested. I am aiming to get this up and running by early to mid-October.

Come and join the Mia Tui Party..!



  • Cleo

    Hi. I am interested in the Mia Tui@home.

  • Bridgette

    I read your feature in Jet2 and thought I would take a look at the website. I like your new bag and as strangely my daughter Lauren had coincidentally said just today she loved the name Ava – i notice this is one of your bag names already – what about Lauren – as a name for the
    bag. Hope you do it in a tan or chocolate shade too.

  • Tracey Lewis

    I am very interested in learning more about Mia Tui @ home! Thanks Tracey Lewis x

  • Ellen Vincent

    I would be interested too Charlotte. Thanks x

  • Sally Jackson

    Hi Charlotte I am inteterested in Mia Tui @ home,
    Hope to hear from you soon Sally x

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