Men Look Out - A Mia Tui Bag is Coming Your Way - But We Need a Name

We have been asked so many times for a man's bag. Men seem to really get the Mia Tui bags (thank goodness for that, it means we can justify having a few of them!)

So here we have it, the latest bag in our ever growing collection.. but yet again I don't have a name, so over to you to find me one.

This bag is a messenger style bag (without the flap) and comes in 3 different colours, a Dark Grey Canvas, Chocolate Brown and one for the ladies as I really like this bag, Sand with a Brown strap.

It has a large zip pocket on the front and one on the back, zips completely closed on the top, and the strap is fully adjustable.

I see this being used for many different occasions, work, babies, travel or even a school/college bag.

It has our normal Mia Tui interior, bottle holders, clips for keys, phone & pen pockets, it can fit a laptop, and your iPad, Kindle or tablet will fit into one of the pockets.

We need a name, get your thinking hats on, leave a comment below, and we will pick a name by 28th January.


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emma hunt

emma hunt said:

Defiantly a George -a good strong name :)


Karen said:

Love the look of the grey canvas! It’s exactly the sort of bag my OH needs to carry his gadgets (he’s a techy, so has a lot!). As much as I love my black Ava bag, I think it’s still a bit too girlie for him although he insisted on carrying it for me whilst I was heavily pregnant with our second little boy. This ‘man bag’ also looks perfect for father and son weekend trips to soft play.

Personally I think there can only be one name for…sticking with the ‘name’ naming convention for Mia Tui bags, I think it should be called Jack, as it’s a bag that is a Jack of all trades.


Paul said:


Because it’s a messenger bag and Hermes was the messenger of the gods.

Stephen Pasqua

Stephen Pasqua said:

Suggestions: The Bloke Poke, Chap Pack, or Lad Bag.

Maria @ Feisty Tapas

Maria @ Feisty Tapas said:

It HAS to be the Joey Man Bag! That failing I think the Philippe would be quite suitable too, don’t you?

I actually love it for me! It’s a colour that goes with everything. Can you make it in red next please? That’d be perfect, thanks! ;)


Fiona said:

Has to be the Billy (my son is William) :)


Art said:

The Brutus.

Because Mia Tui makes me think of ‘Et tu, Brutus?’

Or perhaps better, the Et Tui!


Art said:

Forgot to say, it is a really nice bag!


Elvin said:

I would think the name “Sophistica” is apt for the bag. Goes great for the busy guys who are up and about!

Jimmy Lemont

Jimmy Lemont said:


Daddy day sack

Action Dad

I’m not very good at this :) but I could use a daddy man bag all ours are pink and girly :)

Kimberly Ames

Kimberly Ames said:

You may have already picked a name, but if not, I’d suggest the “Paige” named after Satchel Paige, a famous American baseball player. I think that this is a great name, since a satchel is a type of bag/handbag, and incorporates a sports figure in the name. Cheers!

Lucy Brown

Lucy Brown said:

Mani or Manly or Grey xx


home said:

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