Mia Tui - Handbag Reveloution

Last week had to be the busiest of all weeks, the container finally arrived after many problems it got to me 4 weeks late, better late than never!

So there I was unpacking a 20ft container with my Mum & Dad - a true family business (my husband just so happened to be away on a business trip - timing is everything!)

I then had to load the van for my 6 days away, I have never been away from the girls for that long and was a bit apprehensive, but I had to go and do two shows.

The 1st show was the International Fitness Show at the Winter gardens in Blackpool, this is where International presenters come and take over the Winter gardens and gym instructors or fitness lovers come for the weekend to learn new things and do up to 5 classes a day!

I was there to sell the Amelie range as the perfect Gym bag, we had already been last year, so knew the fitness professional loved the bag, this time we all but sold out of the bags.

I had to leave after a day and a half as I needed to get to Harrogate to the UK biggest Nursery Fair for Trade, and as we had won 3 awards for Minnie Amelie as a changing bag, I thought it was important that we showed the Trade just how great Mia Tui bags are.

It was a successful 6 days, the trade seemed to really love the bags, so hopefully we will win another major account soon. John Lewis are taking Ella in Aubergine and Minnie Amelie in Black, it is funny how people and other trade customers take note when they know John Lewis are going to stock you, it's like the royal seal of approval.

Jo-Jo Maman Bebe another fantastic nursery retailer are taking Grace and Ella, so the latter part of 2013 looks to be a good one.

So how did it all go, well the girls managed, I think a present a day help a bit, I did have a lot of tears from Mia, and then she got sick, but we all got through, and I made it home.

I actually liked getting off the Mummy treadmill for a few days, I didn't have to repeat myself 10 times to clean teeth, get dressed, close mouth when eating, do homework, finish your dinner, and no you can't have ice-cream for breakfast. Or have to think about what to cook for dinner..

We have a competition on Facebook for Easter - you have got to find the hidden bunny on the website. www.facebook.com/miatui

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