Matilda Mae - is our newest bag

What is in a name..?

As many of you know we always ask for people to help name each of our new bags, it always amazes me of the different name people come up with.

For the naming of this new bag, there were a few of you who came up with the same name..  

Matilda Mae

For those of you don't know the story of Matilda Mae...

On February 2nd 2013 Matilda was found sleeping in her cot at the aged of 9months, Jennie her mummy who is part of the wonderful "Mummy Blogging" network has told her story via her blog as a way to grieve, and raise awareness of SIDS so no other mummy has to go through the anguish she and her family have gone through.

Mia Tui will link up with The Lullaby Trust to help raise awareness and to raise funds for the charity.

We will donate 10% of profits on each sale of the "Matilda Mae" bag to The Lullaby Trust, and look at ways to grow our partnership with this charity.

The Matilda Mae will be launched at a price of £25 and be available for Pre-Order from 2nd week of July on the website

To kick start the partnership with the chartiy we will be giving 10% of all profits from the website sales to The Lullaby Trust until the end of July.

There are many fund raising events in Matilda Mae's memory, there is a team of "Mummy Bloggers" Sky Diving in Memory of Matilda Mae in July, and I know Jennie is looking at holding a family Barn Dance in November.

Please help us raise the awareness of SIDS.



  • Catherine

    Would love to buy one and show my support, can you post another link as the ones above aren’t working xxx

  • Sarah P

    What a fitting tribute – I read about Matilda Mae myself only a few weeks ago and was so touched by the courage of the family. What a lovely way to remember Matilda Mae and raise awareness of SIDS. xxxx

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