Fresh Starts for Spring

With February arriving, it seems lots of us are beginning to think of the coming Spring. Garden bulbs are popping through the soil, the evenings are slowly but surely getting longer and thankfully restrictions are being lifted too! It’s certainly a time for looking forward with excitement for what is to come in 2022.

Charlotte and I are off to a trade fair next week, it’s always an incredibly busy couple of days. We hope to discover new suppliers for our Wardrobe and Homeware Collections, which means we can bring exciting new styles and colours to the website.

We’ve been thinking a lot about what Spring means to us. The first thing that springs (see what I did there?) to mind is of course a Spring clean. It isn’t just great for the home, having a good sort of your wardrobe as the new Season arrives can make you feel a sense of excitement and organisation that will also take you through to your day-to-day routine.

Fling your wardrobe doors open and take some time really looking at the clothes you have, ask yourself when was the last time you wore certain items? Did you feel good in it? Which colours do you tend to gravitate to? Pieces that you haven’t worn for ages or styles that you feel no longer give you that “I love this” feeling can always be donated to charity or sold on pre-loved sites to help you purchase new items.

We don’t need lots of different items, we need pieces that we truly love to wear and that can form a capsule collection to wear with different items for different occasions. Taking charge and organising your wardrobe is a really great way to give yourself some self-care time too. Time to look at how you want to look. Maybe you feel it’s time to completely re-evaluate your style? Or you are happy with your look but want to experiment with different colours and tones? We all need a bit of me time and concentrating on you is important for our mental health and well-being.

There are also a few ways to save time in the mornings when you are stood wondering what to wear? You can colour co-ordinate your wardrobe, so you have a rainbow effect if you are more colour driven. Or you could organise it so that all your different pieces i.e. skirts, trousers, blouses, jumpers etc.. are hung together. You know how you work best, make your wardrobe work for you too!

When your wardrobe is done, it will give you a feeling of achievement and purpose not to mention organisation which really is key to a simpler life. Don’t forget, that was the whole purpose of Charlotte’s Mia Tui journey! A bag to help you stay organised. It really does work in all aspects of our lives too. We know lots of our customers have fabulous bag storage organisation which is amazing to see. If we can do it for our bags, we must surely be able to do it for ourselves!

Spring is the ideal opportunity to give your home a Spring Clean and re style too. We aren’t just hoping to find some gorgeous new clothing at Spring Fair. We will be on the look-out for beautiful new Home and Garden pieces to help you bring a new look to your home.


Changing some furniture around in a room can sometimes give a whole new look to it, add a new rug or a vase, couple of cushions, style one of our Candles on a book or two and you’ll feel like you have a breath of fresh air in your home. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. Pre-loved or re-purposed furniture is a great way to change your style without paying high end prices. As the saying goes, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure! And that is so true, most of the furniture in my home is pre-loved (the new way of saying second hand, let’s be honest!) There are bargains to be had in local charity shops, Facebook marketplace and of course EBay. It’s all about finding your style and setting a budget.

With regards to our bags, with new Spring/Summer 22 colours arriving in some styles from mid-March through until May, we’ve got both bright and neutral tones covered. Manufacturing and shipping is still proving to be harder than pre-Covid but over the last 2 years Charlotte and Van have learnt to pre-empt and understand the issues the pandemic have bought with it, and are now able to work with them to continue to bring you the fabulous bags we are known for. Fingers crossed these problems will become less and less as the year continues.

So, let’s allow ourselves to feel excited as we move into Spring, the possibilities of what we can achieve and even allow ourselves to plan some adventures to keep our spirits up. Let’s face it, we all deserve to have some fun and make happy memories this year!

With love from the Mia Tui Team x


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  • Bev Lacey

    I have had bags and home scents from you.
    I love the things in the picture above

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