Let’s look to the future - Travel will return!

There’s no denying that the last 10 months have certainly hit everyone hard. Whether in business or on a personal front, Covid-19 has changed the world. 

For us as a business we have of course seen a drop in sales. We’ve been pretty open and honest during the pandemic, the lockdowns, restrictions etc... and we have at times felt despondent and struggled to see light at the end of the tunnel as I’m sure many of us have. 

Travel all but disappeared and with that so did sales of our travel range! But it’s almost February and if you think of what we’ve already got through and overcome then now is the time to look forward and get our positive vibes back! 

We are sure that if we can’t wait to travel again, then it must be the same for many of us. You may be new to Mia Tui, maybe you found us during lockdown 1, 2 or more recently! So you won’t have seen much talk of our travel range. But it is at the core of our business (Charlotte started the business by designing her perfect travel bag.) 

There wasn’t much point focusing on our travel range during much of last year due to the circumstances, and we still aren’t prioritising this collection but as the months move on in 2021 travel will slowly return. 

Our travel range of bags and accessories give you not only the perfect way to stay organised for your holidays and travel, but will also keep you looking and feeling on trend but classically stylish too. 

What’s so special about our bags? Well, let’s start with the fact that they are designed by a woman for women. Who better to design a handbag! For example, why do most bags have dark interiors? Talk about making it hard to find anything. So, our signature bright blue interior fabric makes everything easy to find whilst en route to your destination. We then have the little extras that are unique to Mia Tui bags like our travel sleeve making it easy to sit your bag over your suitcase handle. There’s an elasticated key clip, coordinating clutch bag for evenings and days when you don’t need to take the world with you, and an insulated bottle holder. You really will never find a better bag to travel with.


Not only that, but they lend themselves to other uses too, don’t just holiday with them then put them away until next year. The versatility of our range means our larger travel styles are also perfect as work bags, baby bags, gym bags. You name it ... it’ll work for it.

Mia Tui isn’t just about the look. Practicality, versatility and organisation in our range means you get amazing value for money when you purchase from us. You may ask how we can honestly make this statement. Well the answer is easily! 

For example, our Travel Bag Bundle offer gives £32 worth of products FREE (no catch, no buts, no ifs!) when you purchase a bag from the Travel Collection. 

Not only are you getting an extremely high quality bag made by our skilled craftsmen and women at our own factory, we then give you a set of FREE Packing Cubes (one word ... AMAZING!) and the choice of either a folding travel bag the Alex or a folding Backpack the Oxford. Meaning you get 3 fantastic travel items for the price of your choice of travel bag. 

So, why not explore the Travel range if you haven’t already had a look. Remember, travel will return. We have to stay positive and look to the future. No doubt you’ll want to be one step ahead of the game when it does and with one of our bags you certainly will be. For more information and to take a look at the range you’ll find them here. 


We would love to see your pics on your social media platforms, we have started running a monthly competition and the winner will receive a £50 Mia Tui voucher. To be in with a chance, make sure you use #miatuimoment when you post a pic of you and your Mia Tui bags and accessories. 




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