As you may have seen from the Mia Tui social media platforms, today, Charlotte and I traveled down to London to meet Actress and Disability Campaigner Samantha Renke. It’s been a while since I introduced the Mia Tui brand to Samantha but finally, we managed to get together for lunch.

It was great to meet Samantha and listen to her talk with such passion about all sorts of subjects that concern her, especially fashion.  She spoke about how she has had to live with people staring at her all her life something that many of us have never had to endure. One day when she was 17 her sister changed how Samantha saw the stares, saying maybe people were staring not because she was in a wheelchair but because of her style.


Samantha has a knack for putting looks together that work, she knows what suits her and has the confidence to really rock any outfit. She is clear that she does not want to have to have her clothes tailored for her, she doesn’t want to have to buy clothes, shoes, and accessories from specialist brands targeting disabled women.  Samantha has a real determination to let other disabled women know that they don’t have to miss out on looking stylish and sexy! And that’s where Mia Tui comes in…

Samantha has been using a Mini Jen and Matilda Mae in the last few weeks and when we met up today she told us how easy both are to use on her wheelchair but how great it is to have a bag that works for her on a practical level but also looks stylish. Samantha uses her Mini Jen when she is working, on the back of her chair with our mobility clips whilst keeping the Lily that comes with the Jen either on her wrist or as a closer crossbody bag. For everyday use, she loves her Matilda Mae and finds the small clutch that comes with it can hold personal items and again she can use the mobility clips to secure it to her chair when needs be.

It was great to chat with Samantha and see things from a different perspective. Knowing that many of our bags work for ladies who use wheelchairs and mobility aids is really important to us as a brand. And the meeting today has confirmed that over the coming weeks and months we can work together. So, watch this space for more on the Samantha Renke/Mia Tui collaboration.



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  • Lorraine

    I follow Samatha on social media and I like her style and attitude. I was delighted to hear about her collaboration on the making of this bag and have one in Purple to match my Purple wheelchair. Previously I was always moaning to my husband about needing to carry a lot of stuff but not enjoying the way I and a lot of disabled people look as a result of frumpy mobility accessories!

    Fashion and colours can help a lot with feeling more cheerful as a disabled person or just for anyone. The thing I am most drawn to about Mia Tui is that they are vegan handbags. I have since bought one for my daughter and a smaller hand bag for myself and the products are genuinely practical and tactile

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