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Staying organised during your working day is easy with Mia Tui if you haven’t already explored our range of work-friendly bags then now’s a perfect time. I’ve put together this short blog post to help you decide which of our bags may suit your work life.


Let’s start with the Sarah, purposely designed as a work bag, Sarah has an internal padded laptop compartment that can fit up to a 13.5cm tablet/laptop meaning if you prefer not to carry your device in a sleeve then it will still be protected.

Sarah comes with all the normal Mia Tui internal features and has a detachable longer length shoulder strap. This strap can be attached diagonally to the handle harware of the rolled handles. Our newer Sarah’s also have the added benefit of the travel sleeve on the back, enabling it to slip smoothly over standard suitcase handles. If you travel regularly for work then Sarah is a great choice.


Maybe you like to carry a smaller handbag to work but need to carry files and a laptop? Then the Windsor is for you. Windsor is a more traditional style laptop bag rather than a handbag. It is an incredibly functional, stylish laptop bag but with just short handles for carrying as you would a briefcase. Laptops up to 13" fit into the padded compartment inside. Pair it with a smaller Mia Tui handbag to keep your stylish work look. Windsor also has the travel sleeve for use on roller cases/suitcases.

Let’s move onto a few of our other bags that whilst not designed specifically as work bags work really well for this use. Jennie and Mini Jen are known predominantly as our Travel bags, however, their size can functionality can lean to being a great alternative as a work bag. In fact, the Mia Tui team use Jennie and Mini Jen as work bags. We carry laptops, files, and all the usual paraphernalia with us for a day in the office and we find Jennie is a real workhorse!


So,  let’s move away from having to carry laptops to work, of course not all of us need to work at home and in the office and so here is where we bring in Eleanor as a great stylish alternative.

Eleanor is the epitome of Chic, with rolled handles, double zip closure (meaning a very wide opening) Eleanor is a tardis of a bag. The structured look means a smart look for office/corporate use. Eleanor will give you confidence in your work look.

I also, on occasion use my Zoe and Elise for the office. If I am out and about and don’t need to take too many files and a laptop then Zoe is another great alternative. With no hardware, like the Elise both these styles are slightly lighter and give a different look.


“Don’t forget the Sydney” I hear some of you calling! I won’t of course. Sydney is the largest backpack style and really is a great choice for the working day if you are a backpack fan.

With padded shoulder straps, an insulated front pocket (great for lunches) and padded inside compartment, Sydney works in many different guises. Work, travel, days out with the family.

We know many of our customers also use some of the smaller shoulder bags such as Olivia, Samantha, Matilda Mae. You’ll be hard-pressed not to find a bag that will suit your needs for work, so do please have a look at all the different styles and videos we show to help you make the right choice for you. We are always more than happy to help if you are unsure and want to have a chat before purchasing.

I hope this gives a little insight/inspiration and help if you are trying to choose the right bag for work.

Nici x




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