Choosing your X-Body bag

We understand that some people like to bring everything but the kitchen sink with them whereas others prefer to just bring the essentials. This guide is to help you choose the right X-Body bag for you. 

X-Body bags provide comfort and security on your adventures, whether you're exploring new places on holiday or exploring the best shops in the mall! 

The Samantha


Why you should choose the Samantha bag

The Samantha bag was designed with everybody in mind. With hidden pockets and larger zip pulls, this bag is easy to use for all. It comes with an adjustable strap which enables you to use it as an across body bag should you prefer. 

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The Matilda Mae

Why you should choose the Matilda Mae

Our Matilda Mae is perfect for those of you that like to bring a lot out. Perhaps you're the organised one of the family and have to bring all the essentials in your bag. Then Matilda Mae is the bag for you. Stylish and comfortable, yet still big enough so you don't have to sacrifice the umbrella and risk getting caught in the rain.

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The Megan

Why you should choose the Megan

This is the perfect everyday bag. If you like to take your iPad mini with you when you are on the go, you will still have plenty of room for the rest of your essentials. The front pocket makes it easy for you to get to things quickly, such as a train ticket. 

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The Jackie

Why you should choose the Jackie

With three separate compartments and a secure front pocket, the Jackie is perfect for the more organised of us who like to have a set place for everything in our bags.  You will comfortably fit in all your essentials and know where everything is at all times. 

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Why you should choose the Lottie

The Lottie bag is perfect for those who just like to pop out to the shops and don't need to carry that much. Keys, phone, and purse are all you need in life (and this cute bag). You can wear this across your body or adjust the strap to wear under your arm.

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The Isobel

Why you should choose the Isobel

Ever leave a large queue behind you at the ticket barriers whilst you're scrambling around for your oyster card? Then the Isobel is perfect for you. If you're going on a nice day out but only need the essentials, the Isobel will fit all your needs. There's no need for a separate purse as the Isobel doubles up as a purse with card pockets and an inside pocket for money and change. The elasticated key clip means you will never lose your keys either!

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The Molly

Why you should choose the Molly

The Molly is the perfect shopping day companion. You don't want to take a big bag out with you, yet you still need your essentials. Like Isobel, Molly doubles up as a purse so you don't need to worry about packing a purse, all you need to remember is your phone, cards, money, and keys. 

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The Nici

Why you should choose the Nici

The Nici bag is perfect if you want to dress your outfit up for an occasion or for use whilst travelling. Nici will fit all your essentials. It can be used as either an across body bag, or you can take the long strap off and use it as a classic clutch. 

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The Lily

Why you should choose the Lily

The Lily is perfect for nights out or special occasions as you can comfortably fit in your essentials and keep everything secure by having it across your body. This bag is perfect for going out for dinner on holiday as it doesn't take up much luggage space. 

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