Travel Bags


There are so many different types of bags you can take.

  • Trolley bags (small suitcases)
  • Ruck Sacks
  • Large Tote Bags
  • Holdalls

We like to think that at Mia Tui we may have got it right when it comes to travelling.. The Amelie range is designed with "Travel" in mind.


The Amelie range, both the Amelie and Minnie Amelie are "guaranteed" with all budget airlines to be allowed on the plane as hand luggage.

They both fit easily under the seat in-front of you, so you don't have to keep getting up and down from your seat to get your things. 

Perfect if you have kids with you, who always want the only thing you didn't take out of the bag just as you are taking off.!!

The PVC bag that is included is perfect for your travel liquids, make-up which you can just whip out when you are heading through security. Use the extra bags you can buy for your passports and boarding passes, and the large one for sun-creams. 

The Clutch bag is perfect for your purse and things, then use as my mini handbag when going out in the evening. 

The water-bottle holder keeps your water cool (the one you buy once you have navigated security!) and stops it spilling all over the inside of your bag.

Key Clip - very important, so when you get back home after two weeks away, you are not panicking about where the car keys are at 3am in the morning with two tired kids plus one useless husband!

If you are going on a beach holiday, the bag converts to a beach/pool bag as I can fit everything you need for a day around the pool, then convert back to your travel bag when heading home.

Little things we have thought of are, that the handles are slightly wider and soft, so when you do fill it up and weighs the same as a small child, it is still comfortable on your shoulder, and doesn't leave welt marks for the rest of your holiday!

The fabric is water-proof, so you don't have to worry about your bag getting wet.

So if you are travelling this summer, think about how one of our Amelie or Minnie Amelie bags could make all the difference to how organised you feel.

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  • MIchelle CArter

    Do you still sell the Amelie bag? There is no way to choose it from your home website.

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