Name Our New Bag

We have a new bag coming in June, and she needs a name..

This new bag has a padded pocket for an iPad/tablet, you get all the normal Mia Tui bits a pieces;

  • Large clutch bag
  • Key clips 
  • Phone and pen holder

The bag closes with a magnet, and has a long adjustable strap, so you can wear as a X-Body bag.

We also have some new colours coming, a silver and pewter, fantastic for the summer and holidays.

Just comment with your chosen name and we will pick a winner on May 5th.

Winner will win the new bag before anyone else can get their hands on it, if more than one person chooses the name that is chosen, we will do a random draw.

The competition is also on our Facebook page

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Louise Wallace

Louise Wallace said:

Darcey :)


Barb said:



Alice said:

The sliver colour reminds me of snow and ice – I think it should be called Elsa or Anna for all the Frozen fans!


Lorraine said:


Why? Well, Amelie already exists, her name means “Hard Working”, which would be quite appropriate. And as soon as I saw the bag, I thought of the film Working Girl with Melanie Griffith. Melanie didn’t work for me as a bag name, but her character was called Tess. I liked that, and thought that Tessa just goes slightly better with the existing range.


Lianne said:

Julianne – it means ‘youthful’ which is how this bag would make someone feel – especially in the summer!

Lauren Webb

Lauren Webb said:


Jackie Chapman

Jackie Chapman said:

I would call the bag ‘the Kylie’ as it is beautifully neat and perfectly proportioned, versatile and a little bit quirky!.

J. May

J. May said:


Sue Malleson

Sue Malleson said:


Wendy Marshall

Wendy Marshall said:

I think the new bag should be called ‘Rosie’.

Elizabeth Duncan

Elizabeth Duncan said:


ailsa sinclair

ailsa sinclair said:

Bag should be called penelope


Alison said:



Claire said:


Beth fisher

Beth fisher said:

How about Rosetta. Lovely pretty name that has been around for years. Was my grandmas name.


Hazel said:

I think you should call the new bag Willow. Xx


Rachael said:

I’m a bit of a bag – not as glam as that one though – so I suggest ‘the Rachael’ after Ms Aniston in Friends!

Aoife Warren

Aoife Warren said:

I think you should call it “Aoife” so people will stop saying to me “I’ve never heard that name before”! x

Sonya Cisco

Sonya Cisco said:

My suggestion is Betsy. I like the alliteration The Betsy Bag, plus it’s my daughters name, and she is rarely seen not carrying an iPad so it seems apt!

Anne Smith

Anne Smith said:

I love this new bag and can’t wait to get hold of one! I suggest Karina would be a great name. Love the neutral colours, they will be great for the summer. Anne x

Katie Baigrie

Katie Baigrie said:

Name your new bag Elise!

Lucy Forbes

Lucy Forbes said:

Can name it after me! or failing that I would suggest either Freya or Tilly

Fay Truluck

Fay Truluck said:

The new bag could be called MERRYN


Clare said:

It’s very space age, with the metallic colours. How about something like ‘Uhura’.

Caroline Clemmey

Caroline Clemmey said:

You could call your new bag a KITTY bag.

It holds Keys
Yours to have fun in the sun!

Jaimee Behan

Jaimee Behan said:

This bag looks fantastic. I love the idea of a long adjustable strap. I think “Molly” would be a great name.

Suzanne sania

Suzanne sania said:

Bonjour! I live in the south of France and have 3 of your bags. All my friends and colleagues love them too! I am your French ambassador so I think we could give the new bag a French name after my daughter Emilie Fleur.
Bisous Suzanne


SACHA said:

Nice Bag Sacha because it is similar in shape to a satchel


Rachel said:

I rather think that bag looks like a ‘Penny’.

Gail Mitchell

Gail Mitchell said:

Loving the look of your new bag, how about the name Poppy


MAISE said:

Like shape of bag and i like the name


Hayleigh said:

Because i like the shape of the new bag

Karen Hannah

Karen Hannah said:

I think the perfect name for this would be the Ashlee bag. It’s practical, strong and beautiful like my friend Ashlee, and if you wear it as a x-body bag, it’s always got your back! ❤️

maria johnson

maria johnson said:

Daisy-for spring time

Janet Groll

Janet Groll said:

May I suggest Julie Marie….

Rebecca Seyler

Rebecca Seyler said:

It should be called the lorelai.

Louise Patel

Louise Patel said:


Jackie Scobie

Jackie Scobie said:

I like the name Olivia

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