Back to School Offer With Mia Tui

Going from a hazy, lazy summer where the only thing on their minds is hanging out with friends to having to rise with the sun, look remotely human, and pay attention all day can be a major shock.

Go back to school in style this year with Mia Tui’s Ella and Ascot bags, designed to take the demands of school life and come out the other end still looking good.

The slouchy style of Ella is always on trend and the adjustable straps gives girls different options on how to carry the bag, over the shoulder or cross body – whichever way is more comfortable.   

Ascot is the ultimate bag for boys or girls offering a classic style which can be worn across the body and is available in 4 different colours.

Each bags comes with Mia Tui’s unique interior and offers a place for everything! There are pockets designed for iPads and kindles to help store gadget safely and securely, and also clear PVC wallets for toiletries and essentials after P.E. The insulated water bottle holder means that your child will always have a drink to hand and still have ample space for books and sports kits. 

As with all Mia Tui bags, these styles come with additional straps meaning that your child can adjust their bag and wear it whichever way is considered most ‘cool’ but more importantly most comfortable – important factor for young people carrying heavy books.    

Get 30% off with code B2S30 until the end of August 14

Ella and Ascot are available in a number of colours from and are a perfect choice for back to school Autumn 2014.


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