I went to buy a holiday but bought a Mia Tui bag by mistake.. Oops, Silly me

I blogged on Monday about my current battle with TUI AG over my Trade Mark application.

TUI AG have opposed my application on the grounds of "Mia Tui" being highly similar to the Trade Mark "TUI" and there is a risk of confusion on the part of the public, and would lead to association between the marks.

They have asked for our application to rejected and an award of costs made in their favour..!

Do TUI AG really think that people are going to confuse our two companies.. Oops I went to book my annual family holiday with Thomson, but I accidentally brought a Mia Tui bag instead... no I don't think so :-)

Instead of trying to bully a small company, what we really should be doing is working together.

If TUI AG had done their homework on Mia Tui they would see that we have an amazing range of Travel bags which would benefit their customers..

We could look at doing a promotion together, maybe get a Mia Tui bag when you book your family holiday with 1st Choice or Thomson, or through Hayes & Jarvis.

A Mia Tui Travel bag is the perfect fit for TUI customers, our bags fit under the seat in-front of you, so alleviating the need to put your bag in the over-head lockers.. this would save space and the risk of peoples heads being bashed when a trolley bag comes crashing down..!

Speed up check-in, as you will always know where your things are, with our "No Rummage" guarantee, so you don't feel flustered wondering where you have put your passport.

At security, all your carry-on liquids are in the travel compliant clear PVC bag, so no need to purchase a zip-lock bag for a £1.


Our bags are water-proof inside and out, so also make great beach or pool bags while you are on holiday.. so instead of fighting TUI lets look at another way..!

I say all this with tongue in cheek, but really when you look at it, it all makes a lot of sense... 

Come on TUI.. lets not fight, lets work together.



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