Meet Jill Our New Resident Health & Fitness Guru

We are having a change of focus on The Blog in 2015, it will focus around Health & Fitness, Travel and Parenting which are the 3 main areas a Mia Tui bag comes into "It's" own..!

I welcome Jill Gardner who is the owner of "Hate it Change it". Jill will share her extensive knowledge on how we can make small changes to our lifestyles which will make a big difference to how we feel.

Jill, AKA The Fat Controller is on mission to help millions to find an easier and sustainable way to feel fitter, stronger and happier.

Jill understands the demands of our busy, modern lives. Through the sea of confusing information that can overwhelm you, Jill has managed to simplify healthy eating and fitness by providing simple ways to workout, easy recipes you can cook for the whole family and time saving tips to help create long lasting vitality.

Through the power of social media, Jill is running a FREE support group where she is sharing her wealth of experience and extensive knowledge on hormonal fat loss and mindset coaching.
She doesn't promote diets or deprivation.
Instead it's about learning to love and nourish your body for life.

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So join us this year where we will share Jill's tips and advise on how to live life to the full.



  • Monkeyfooted mummy

    ooh I look toward to being inspired,this yearly mission is a fitter me!

  • Peter Cook

    You are very lucky to have Jill on your team. To 2015 !!

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