3 weeks in on Our Commit to Get Fit..!

Katy's and Mia Tui Charlotte Progress Updates...

So this week I'm making the most of still being on maternity leave as I go back to work tomorrow!! I've managed to get back into the swing of things with slimming world and I've even done some batch cooking so I've got some healthy and filling meals ready to take into work with me. 
Joseph and I made it to two Mums, Tums and Buggies classes this week run by Sarah Parker fitness. She's really friendly and approachable which was great as I was petrified about starting to exercise. The sessions involved a brisk walk with the prams to warm up, then a mix of lunge walks, squats, leg lifts, tricep dips, press ups using the park benches and an arm work with resistance bands. We always finish with another little walk and stretches. It's been great to meet other new mums and their babies as well as getting a  good work out in.

One of my new mummy friends told me about another local class this week called Bouncefit. It's at a trampolining and rebound therapy centre called Jumpspace. So I decided to give that a whirl! Its a ladies only session with a mix of circuit training and trampolining, And it was HARD!! We did planks, burpees, crunches, boxing and a whole load of other exercises that I can't remember as I was about to keel over! We ended the session by having a go on the trampolines which was just brilliant, I felt like a little kid again. I'll defiantly try this class again... Once I stop hurting.

Katy xx


So how have I been going with my "all new health and fitness kick"..??

I started well, exercising and eating healthy, smaller portions - no chocolate and Kettle crisps!

I made it to the gym, Legs, Tums & Bums and Body Pump classes - they nearly bloody killed me in the 1st week, but I can now see progress, I can squat and lunge for a lot longer and I feel stronger.

I have slightly fallen off the wagon this week, poorly daughter and being crazy busy means I haven't made it to the gym much this week, I did do some exercises at home on Tuesday and some crazy running up and down the stairs thing I had seen of Facebook, now that didn't look pretty, so knackered!  I am trying to get out for a run today..!!

But the most important thing is, I feel so much better in myself, my body doesn't feel as rusty, and legs look a bit more toned - not as lumpy! I will measure the old body tomorrow to see if there has been any reduction in size.

Charlotte x




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