Claire's 2nd Update

Fitness Update 2.

So mid-way through February and I am still sticking to my workouts.  I actually look forward to it now, which is unheard of for me normally the slightest little excuse and that's it I'm on the sofa with my feet up!!    

We have had some lovely dry weather at the weekends so I have been out for some long walks with our dog Summer.  She's a little Lhaso Apso and so is quite happy with a quick 10 minute stroll around the block but as it has been so nice I have taken to walking around the entire village and through the park which takes about 45 minutes, when we get home she collapses in a little heap on her bed! 

This is Summer collapsed on the bed.

I have still been using my stepper and dvds every night for 30-45 minutes but have decided that I might try running at the weekends as its good to get out in the fresh air.  I have been using a dvd called Total Cardio Burn by Caroline Pearce and I really recommend it.  There are 3 workouts on the disc (I have been doing the first one) and it lasts about 20 minutes, its divided into sections and you do legs, arms, abs and then a cardio burn at the end of each section - its very fast moving and you can definitely tell you've had a good workout!

I have stalled a bit on the swimming as I have come to the conclusion that I can't swim a length because I am scared of the deep end.  I can swim widths and widths easily but as soon as i have to swim a length I stop as soon as I can touch the bottom again - its relief I've not drowned I think!  I cannot think of a way to get around this without maybe some kind of therapy so am sticking to widths for the time being!

I hope that you are all enjoying getting fitter.

Claire x

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