Mia Tui's Woman of the Month - April

Mia Tui is all about making the busy woman's life easier...

.. With this in mind we are launching a 'Woman of the Month' feature. This will be a monthly feature to promote and celebrate the amazing women who are a part of our lives; friends, mums, aunties, cousins, neighbours, teachers, nurses, childcare providers ... the list is endless!

There are no restrictions, just tell us who you think deserves to be the Mia Tui Woman of the Month and why, and we will pick at random from all the nominations received. The noteworthy recipient will receive a Mia Tui bag of their choice.

To register your Woman of the Month, comment on the blog, with details of your nominee, saying why you believe them to be an outstanding woman and consider her to be a noteworthy Woman of the Month, then comment on our Facebook page telling us that you have nominated your Woman of the Month

The cut-off for each month's nominations will be the 20th of the previous month e.g. 20th April is the the final date for the May award. 

I will start the ball rolling with the April Award (as we have passed the deadline!) and nominate Jubeda Islam. Jubeda is a truly inspirational lady. A loyal Mia Tui customer, over the years, Jubeda has also become a friend and we are constantly amazed by what this lady achieves and how she cares for her beautiful family. Little Zaki was born at just 24 weeks with many medical complications, and Jubeda cares for him at home, along with her other children. A wonderful lady and most definitely a noteworthy Woman of the Month! Congratulations Jubeda. 


  • Jubeda Islam

    Thank you so much. I absolutely love all my Mia Tui collection ❤️❤️❤️

  • Ellen Vincent

    I would like to nominate my best friend of 25 years Louise Ross. She is a super wife and mum to 3 boys under 6 years old and is also a loyal Mia Tui customer and loves the mini amelie bag (she’s on her second one now!) The reason I’d like to nominate her is that she sadly lost her beautiful mummy Shirley at the end of February who died far too young. Louise has been coping amazingly well as with a young family she just has to get on with it, but I know how sad she is inside and I thought to win something like this might help cheer her up a little. She is more of a sister to me than just a friend and has always been a big support to me through thick and thin and I hope this might show her a little bit how much I love and appreciate her!

  • Charlotte Allister

    I nominate Theresa Rowswell for always going above and beyond the call of duty!

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