The website is live..

 Finally the Mia Tui website went live, I launched with a special offer of 20% off all bags and free postage and packing to all my friends and their friends.

Vikki who is one of my oldest friends in the UK was the 1st person to buy a Mia Tui bag, she had chosen the matt black colour, the only problem was I had not sent any of the matt black to the UK.. so I quickly removed it from the website and apologized to Vikki, thankfully she is a good friend..!

The next problem came from someone who ordered in Hong Kong, PayPal only changed the symbol from £ to $ and charge just HK$44.50 which is £3.50..!!! So a quick call to the web guys and to Lisa in Hong Kong who called the customer to explain the problem.. Oh those teething problems..!

I did a sale at the International School yesterday, one teacher brought 10 bags as party favors for her friends who will be celebrating her 40th with her in Las Vegas, what a friend.! This is me ready to go sell with all the bags on the bike..

That got me thinking about my 40th, which is under a month away, do I let it just slip by or celebrate in Style, got to make a decision soon.   40 where did the time go, it only seems like yesterday when Vikki and I were organizing puppet shows in our back garden and charging for juice, or making a Guy Fawkes and sitting by the local shops getting money. My childhood is full of such wonderful memories, and good friends.

C x


  • Vikki Hill

    Our puppet shows were the business!!

    Loving the photo of you on the bike. Can’t wait for my bag to arrive.

  • 21stcenturymummy

    Congratulations! Did you get my reply re reviewing your bags/doing a giveaway?


  • miatui

    Hi Janine.. I didn’t get your reply for some reason.. would you be interested in reviewing the bag.? Take a look at the website and email me.

    Thanks Charlotte

  • Karie

    Love the photo! Miss you (and the bike). Congrats – sounds like business is good! xx

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