Name my 3rd baby..!

My 3rd  needs a name..!

I have finished the 3rd style in the Mia Tui collection and this baby needs a name.

  • It’s a girl
  • Can be worn under your arm or across your body (clever use of the handle)
  • It has the Mia Tui unique interior, Clips for your keys, water-bottle holder, pockets, phone/penholder and a little internal bag

So get you thinking caps on and tell me what you would call this new addition to the Mia Tui range.

Please submit your answers in the comment box below. I will choose a winner by Friday night 10th June 2011 and will announce on Saturday 11th June.

The winner will receive the bag before anyone else (well except me) can get their hands on it in the UK, as I will personally carry it home to the UK with me.

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Erica said:

I’d go for Ebony.


Grumpyishmum said:

I name her: Grace x

Amanda Cottingham

Amanda Cottingham said:

The Ava! Stylish, beautiful and unique!


Ellie said:

Love the name Mila (my daughters name) it is pretty and unusual and everyone always comments on how great it is.

Clare Doyle

Clare Doyle said:

Caitlyn or Elisa….. my beautiful daughters names :)

Cheryll H

Cheryll H said:

Hmmm… Skylar is a beautiful name :) I also like Mira (pronounced Mirror) :) I’m @pipersky1 :)


Jo said:

Elle, Its funky and modern just like the bag and what I hope to name my Bump (if its a girl) when its born :-)

Clare Doyle

Clare Doyle said:

I missed an apostrophe since I only have one daughter!!!! I should have said “my beautiful daughter’s names”!!!

Clare Doyle

Clare Doyle said:

I missed an apostrophes since I only have one daughter!!!! I should have said “my beautiful daughter’s names”!!!


frios1 said:

Oh can I enter two?
Either “Calista” meaning most beautiful for obvious reasons or “Livia” meaning envy beacuse that is what she is bound to cause!!!


Karie said:

Daphne! After my niece who is a little fireball and has overcome huge obstacles and is the top scorer on her hockey team despite being blind in one eye! But whatever you name the bag Charlotte…it’s gorrrrgeous! xx


Cara said:

ooh love it!! I’d have to name it Holly after my DD ;-) xx


Karen said:

I like Mystique, sounds very classy but justifies all the mysterious nooks and crannies that the bag has, somewhere for everything. Beautiful bag xx


Marzena said:

my proposition is Natalie
In Latin Natalie means birthday.
“Natalie” bag is a gift for your special birthday ( in this year)

Sharon donnelly

Sharon donnelly said:

The ‘Josephine’ after my nan!


Suzanna said:

Can she be a he? Its the Ollie bag – because it is Outrageously gorgeous just Like another Little Ollie we know, cute on the Inside, small and compact and will go Everywhere with me.
Suz x


Chloe said:

i’m loving the names Tiffany, Tabitha (meaning gazelle) and also tansy (meaning “eternal life”)

I’m feeling the letter T is a good one :)

my twitter name is @miss_hoppy

Vanessa Cox

Vanessa Cox said:

My suggestion would be “Amandine” – my sister’s name and also my middle name!

The Latin meaning is “She who must be loved” and indeed who can resist such a gorgeous bag!! And the Sanskrit meaning is “active”! We love travelling and this bag is ideal for our trips and perfect for globe-trotter girlies :)

Thank you for running this great giveaway :)



Kate said:

I think Elena or Nicole :)

@grannysmither on twitter


Karen said:

How about Faith? Zara? Sadie? Xenia? I really really really really want one whatever you decide to call it!!! xx


Jenny said:

I think the name “infinity” would suit the new bag!

Lauretta Lamont

Lauretta Lamont said:

What a perfect ‘work’ bag. I think ‘Lottie’ goes well with your Amelie bag – I can just imagine them meeting for lunch, with their owners of course!! xx

Kerry Kennedy

Kerry Kennedy said:

I like the names Gina or Jenny.


Nat said:

I’m saying Alexis which means Helper in German (bags are very helpful!) and Amelie is a German name too!


Stacey said:

I’d call it Cole – a play on it being black as coal, but also a nod to the gorgeous Lily Cole.

sue bell

sue bell said:

I think a great name would be ‘Gazelle’ as this bag is graceful and stylish and a great accompaniment. to your ever growing range

Glyn Bell

Glyn Bell said:

Aria – Italian for Air as this bag is roomy and airy


Saralotay said:

I’d like to suggest Cerys as a name as it is unique in the bag world just like your bag @saralotay


Nickie said:

Well, I’d love to suggest “Nicola” – it means “Victory”.


Nataliya said:

I am saying Alexis as it means helper and we all know bags help! And it’s Germanic just like Amelie!

Lucinda Barton

Lucinda Barton said:

I quite like “Issy”

It sounds classic but fun & friendly. Either way its a gorgeous bag & good luck to everyone!



Lexi said:

I like Elodie and Aurelie following the French Amelie… Or Anoush which means sweet in Armenian where my family are originally from (or Anoushka in other languages)


@ljbarton said:

Not to sure if orginal post posted so I liked “Issy”
Classic & fun


Heather Shaw

Heather Shaw said:

How about the Audrey bag? Its looks stylish, small and looks great in black like another little lady – Audrey hepburn!


waterspr said:

I love the look, it appears to be practical yet stylish, without putting too much fluff on it and the quality is apparent, I feel ‘le sac’ says it all, all the way from the France :)

SFRProductReviews (Simone)

SFRProductReviews (Simone) said:

Isabella – You can have 2 different ways to use name – Izzy and Bella – conforms wit the 2 different wasy to wear bag.

Or… Aurora! :O) xx


norbert said:

I like INDA ( beautiful in indonesian )

Katherine De Riera

Katherine De Riera said:

Hi would call the bag BellaDonna because its a beautiful bag for a beautiful woman! My twitter name is @sweetkat30 Good luck to everyone!

Jodie Smith

Jodie Smith said:

I would call the bag Liani. It’s a name my husband came up with for our daughter and I love that it is so pretty and unusual – like your bags!!

Not Yet a Yummy Mummy

Not Yet a Yummy Mummy said:

Well she is gorgeous!, Firstly good luck with your business and finally her name…
I’m thinking Isabelle simple and elegant like your bag x

Mamma McCann

Mamma McCann said:

Melody or Amelia

Tanya Inkin

Tanya Inkin said:

I think Maya is the perfect name, it means ‘the great one’ – how apt as I think it is one of the greatest bags you’ve created! x


Emma said:

You’ve already got my favourite name which is my daughter’s – AMELIE! So how about another name I toyed with when pregnant the first time around – MAGGIE.


Aletta said:

I think this is a Laila, it means ‘dark’….

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