Name my 3rd baby..!

My 3rd  needs a name..!

I have finished the 3rd style in the Mia Tui collection and this baby needs a name.

  • It’s a girl
  • Can be worn under your arm or across your body (clever use of the handle)
  • It has the Mia Tui unique interior, Clips for your keys, water-bottle holder, pockets, phone/penholder and a little internal bag

So get you thinking caps on and tell me what you would call this new addition to the Mia Tui range.

Please submit your answers in the comment box below. I will choose a winner by Friday night 10th June 2011 and will announce on Saturday 11th June.

The winner will receive the bag before anyone else (well except me) can get their hands on it in the UK, as I will personally carry it home to the UK with me.


  • Aletta

    I think this is a Laila, it means ‘dark’….

  • Emma

    You’ve already got my favourite name which is my daughter’s – AMELIE! So how about another name I toyed with when pregnant the first time around – MAGGIE.

  • Tanya Inkin

    I think Maya is the perfect name, it means ‘the great one’ – how apt as I think it is one of the greatest bags you’ve created! x

  • Mamma McCann

    Melody or Amelia

  • Not Yet a Yummy Mummy

    Well she is gorgeous!, Firstly good luck with your business and finally her name…
    I’m thinking Isabelle simple and elegant like your bag x

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