The Goodbye

The day has come for us to leave Vietnam. It has been a hell of week, the packing took 4 men 3 days, but it is all in the container
ready to set sail.

I have very casually said my goodbyes, that's the thing about expat life you meet wonderful friends and then they either leave you or you leave them.

I had breakfast with 3 of my good friends yesterday Cathy, Carrie & Rebecca, they have been with me every step of the way with
Mia Tui being my sounding board for fabrics, and my back bone when things go wrong.

Rebecca will now become the main contact for Mia Tui in Vietnam, luckily I have set it all up so she won't have to walk the markets, but if I know  Rebecca she will want to source some funky exclusive fabric for a Christmas special, so she will head
into the hot, busy market, and we will all be thankful when we are wearing  it!

Kathy what would I have done without you in the last few months, next year we will holiday in Europe, I had better sell some bags
otherwise we are camping in my back garden!

Simone, well you went and left me 4 weeks ago, but you are still chief Mia Tui sampler! Thanks for everything, I am going to really miss you.

Karrie - I  can not give you a mention, you have done your 1st year back home,  there has not been a lunch, coffee or Friday wine by the pool where we haven't thought about you, get you butt on that plane in Feb and I will do my best to be here for a

A big thanks to all the girls at aerobics, I loved our Monday's & Thursday mornings, you have all been a great friends.

This is like the Oscars, who else can I thank for being part of my life! You know there will be someone who I missed out, and I will offend them.! So to everyone I have ever known - Thank you..!

I have had an adventure for the past 7 years, Asia has seen me get married, have two girls, and start a business, I will miss  Asia, and all its uniqueness, but I won't miss....

Seeing men pissing in the road all the time!
Not having to repeat myself 5 times
People saying yes when they mean NO!
Bumpy roads
Crap toilet paper
Paying £5 for Branston Pickle!

There is a lot more that I will miss, cheap manicure's and pedicure's to name one!

We are off to Hong Kong for two days, I get to say goodbye to another lot of friends, although most have left for the summer.

So on to the next chapter in my life - I wonder what it will bring? Cold feet in the winter I'm sure of that..!

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  • Karie

    Oh! I love you Charlotte. I miss you madly. And for the love of god woman- it’s K A R I E…xxxxx Skype me when you get settled, chapters are unfolding as we speak.

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