Travel Essential Bundle

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Say goodbye to inconvenient travel with this all-inclusive travel bundle and save over £40 when you buy as a set!

Perfect for business trips, family holidays, and getaways alike, this bundle provides everything you need to make your journey as simple and hassle-free as possible. 

What you get in this Travel Bundle:

  • Alex - Folding Travel Bag
  • Oxford - Folding Backpack
  • Set of 6 Packing Cubes
  • Lou - Folding Toiletry Bag
  • Lily - Clutch/X-Body Bag
  • Laundry Bag

Alex: H32cm, W40cm & D19cm 
Oxford: H38cm, W28cm & D14cm
Packing Cubes:X-Large Cubes (45cm x 2cm x 7.5cm),  2 Large Cubes (36cm x 25cm x 7.5cm) and 2 Medium Cubes (29cm x 17cm x 7.5cm)
Lou Toiletry Bag: Closed W26cm, H20cm & D12.5cm, Open H39cm, W24cm & D6cm
Lily: W26cm x H16cm
Laundry Bag: W34cm x H44cm

Machine Wash on Cold and no fabric softener to be added.