What is in your loft..?

Today I tackled the loft, we had stored a lot of our old items that we didn’t take with us when we moved to Hong Kong  7 years ago.

In the time we have been away we haven’t missed any of these items and really couldn’t remember what we had put up there.

Well let me tell you what we had put up there.

2 different sets of French encyclopaedia’s
My husband school books, he will not let me throw them out.. WTF is he going to do with them.
Abs machine
My first marriage photos
All my old medals from when I used to run
10 different  sports holdall’s
Carlsberg Mirror
Chair – this has followed my husband for years now.
20 watches
10 pairs of sunglasses
And much much more..

I was ruthless with my stuff, and took it down to the tip,  but I can’t say that of my husband who doesn’t want to part with his stuff, I ask you who keeps 20 watches and 10 pairs of sunglasses. I keep asking what is he going to do with school books, but his
answer is “It’s not bothering anyone”.

Am I wrong to just throw out old memories?, one thing of mine that was in the car to go to the tip was a ceramic teddy bear my friend Vikki had made me back in 1994, but when I saw it looking up at me from the box I didn’t have the heart to throw it away, so I brought it home and gave it to my children who were delighted..

Are you a hoarder or throw out your old items..?


  • Simone

    Throw it all out!! New beginnings …..!


    erm bit of a hoarder I’m afraid! I’ve thrown so much away in the past & regretted it so now I keep everything…..I wish I had a loft as empty sounding as yours!

  • Annie Bananie

    I love purging. I must admit to have thrown out a big box of travel photos. I mean how many photos can a lady have? That’s what I thought at the time and now still think of them…

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