I've been hacked..!

I got up really early this morning as I am suffering from a sore throat, so as per normal for me I sit down and check my emails..

What do I find is an email from a contact I made at the Biz and Baby show this weekend.. it said "I saw a real bad blog about you, you seen this?" then a link..

I felt sick to start with, who has written something bad about me, what I have I done wrong, who have I upset, did someone not like their bag, have I forgotten to send someone their bag.. you know how your mind goes into overdrive.

I kept trying to click on the link, but I would only get as far as putting my password in and then nothing.. I had no idea what was happening. I went into my Twitter account and couldn't find the message that was sent to me.. all very strange.

Still feeling sick I googled myself to see if I could find the bad blog.. (hey there is a lot written about me and all of it nice,) so where is this bad post..??

I spoke to my husband about it, he said well if someone thinks badly of Mia Tui we need to know and fix it, but then the emails and tweets starting coming in telling me I had been "hacked" so I quickly changed my password, spent the morning saying sorry to the many people who go an email from me saying the same thing that I had received this morning.

WHY..? that is what I am thing now, what drives people to do this, where is the fun, they can't see us feeling bloody sick and awful thinking that we have done something wrong, and why do we always jump to that conclusion that we must have offended someone and they are saying bad things about us.

It doesn't matter how old you get or how far you climb, you alway have insecurities, you do your best to bury them deep down, but then a small thing like this makes you doubt yourself.. The little FU*KERS..!

Sorry to anyone who got the spam email from me. C xx


  • simone


    Just saw this. So sorry that it has happened. Was it from your twitter account? Am sure everyone who received something would know that wasn’t coming from you :)

    All good responses from the shows you have been doing?

  • simone

    By the way, am the happy new owner of your new Red Grace Bag & the matching purse.!!

  • Robert

    I suspected it was a fraud but it happened two days after an article (not negative) came out about me that drew a lot of negative comments and I was tempted to click on it. First, I googled the phrase and saw your blog entry so THANK YOU for saving me. Regards.

  • Ashlea

    Thank-you for your blog.
    The same thing has happened to me. It’s really annoying because I am a journalist and use twitter in my professional life.

    I am also in the middle of an emotional break up and immediately when I got the DM I thought it was true.

    It’s SO unfair to play on people’s insecurities.

    Good luck with resolving your situation. Mine continues to play out, I have caused followers to get hacked too. Not good.

    Kind regards,


    sorry to hear that this has happened to you Charlotte. I got 2 of those messages too in my twitter inbox & I knew they were fake as I’d had no dealings with them but I know what a worry it must’ve been for you. My email has been hacked twice recently, apparently it’s not someone getting into your account it’s some clever code(?) that latches itself on to an email address & then emails out spam links to all addresses in contact list & then spirals from there, I’ve deleted all the contacts in my address book which will hopefully stop it from happening again (for now) – it’s bloody inconvenient though isn’t it – I felt sick all day the last time it happened then I did as you did & changed passwords then couldn’t get into my bank account online so had the hassle of getting that sorted too.
    Hope you get it sorted & the spam stops, for what it’s worth I never received any spam from you!

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