Name my next baby..!

 So the time has come to name my next baby (bag)

New Baby

This is such a great bag, it comes with the unique Mia Tui interior, waterbottle holder, clip for you keys, clutch bag, clear PVC bag, phone & pen pockets and a detachable strap.

The new fabric we are using for the Autumn Winter 2012/13 range is a faux leather, waterproof inside and out and is so soft to the touch, you will love it, and think that it is leather. The new collection will be in 7 colours, Red, Green, Blue, Stone, Black, Plum & Magenta.

The size of the bag is in between the Grace and Ava, you can easily wear this bag across your body.

Please post your names in the comments box.

The competition will run until 31st July, and the winner will win the new bag before anyone else can get their hands on it.




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Sally Edwards

Sally Edwards said:

I think Sybil….as it is as classy and original as Lady Sybil from Downton Abbey and has multiple uses (like the original Sybil)! Don’t know why but that is what her name is to me!


Cara said:

I’d love one of those! It looks like a Freya as it means fertility and beauty.

Becky Gower

Becky Gower said:

I like Lila or Marie


Anne O'Hara

Anne O'Hara said:

Willow :)

Jenna Keller

Jenna Keller said:

I love this bag. I think you should call it Emilia as this is such a pretty name and means soft and friendly in Greek, which would be fitting as the bag is made from soft faux leather. It would also fit in well with the other bag’s names you have in your range xx
Veronika Matewu

Veronika Matewu said:

I think the name should be Charlotte :-] At the end of the day, you designed all the bags so at least one of them should be named after you.

Maria @ Feisty Tapas

Maria @ Feisty Tapas said:

To keep with the “girl’s names” trend that your bags already have I think it should be called the Maria as I have already mentioned before, with the slogan: “the Mia Tui Maria, the organised bag for feisty women” (and of course with a little explanation about what a fantastically modest human being I am and a link to my humble blog) ;)

All joking aside: you can borrow the slogan whatever name you choose, just change Maria for X and, if you want, feisty for determined: “the Mia Tui X, the organised bag for determined women”

or “the Mia Tui X, the organised back for women on the go”

or (bear with me, I’m on a roll) “the Mia Tui X, the organised bag that saves you time”.

Of course you could also call it the Feisty Tapas ;)


Kirstin said:

Oh I’m going to have to get one, looks great!
I’d call it Laila :-)


Rachel said:

Esme or Lola!


@Mamigz said:

I want to say Sophia too but instead I shall go for “LOLA”.

The Amelie, The Ava, The Grace & The Lola.


Kate said:

Seren, meaning star.


Kara said:

Oh I think this is gorgeous. I love the colour and style. Very classic. So I have 2 suggestions. Because of its classic nature Audrey after Miss Hepburn.
Second would be Isabella. As your bag names are all of a traditional classic nature and Isabella goes inline with this xx

Tracey Gould

Tracey Gould said:

I saw your new baby (bag) when I went to see your Mum and Dad to show them my new baby (a real one lol ) and I thought it was beautiful. My new baby is called Bella,could it be a good name for your new Baby ?

Kara Guppy

Kara Guppy said:

I think you should call it Eliza

Julie Bill

Julie Bill said:

I think the new bag should be called Mary x

sandraw ma

sandraw ma said:


Amanda Moore

Amanda Moore said:

It’s gorgeous – can’t wait until I can buy one! I’m suggesting Ayla (pronounced Isla) after my gorgeous daughter! X


Houston said:

MARIA – classic simple and beautiful, and it also means “wished for child” and “beloved”.Very fitting since you call it your new baby! If I win it will go to my Maria, who already has a red Ava that she absolutely loves!


Ali said:

Yet another gorgeous bag, something says to me Lola or perhaps Lottie. I must have ‘L’ in my head today. Love the fact you can easily wear it across your body just the way a ‘Lola’ or ‘Lottie’ would :-)

sarah chadwick

sarah chadwick said:

Oh its gorgeous! I love the faux leather option. I think “Tola” might be nice? It means Prospering in Polish and October in Thai – maybe appropriate for an Autumn/Fall release? Its lovely.x


Lucinda said:

I rather like Bella or Isabelle, she looks soft and italian and classy!


Kelly said:

Anna or Catherine!
I have the Amelie in the same colour – lovely :)

Janice Jensen

Janice Jensen said:

I believe that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. As it is the color of and has the pockets to carry all your precious belongings, I would love to see it named the Koala.


@Mamigz said:

You know I was also thinking Demi as the bag is between the sizes of the Ava & Grace bag


Lisa said:

your new bag is soft like velvet :-)

Lorraine Berry

Lorraine Berry said:

I think either Poppy or Rose – because, just like my 8 week old Poppy Rose (first girl after three boys!) I’m sure your new “baby” is also beautiful and perfectly formed!!

Helen d

Helen d said:

How about an Irish name? Erin or Niamh are my suggestions!


Nickie said:

(it means “to be beautiful” in Arabic)

Nikki Thomas

Nikki Thomas said:

Such a gorgeous bag! I think it looks like an Olivia as that is a name that means peace, beauty and dignity!


Minty said:

How about “Summer” ? A pretty girls name, and an ironic statement given the time of year and the current weather :-)

Emma Ann Scott

Emma Ann Scott said:

I think a change is needed you seem to have a collection of girls names ! lol

I think George or Edward – after kings !
Good strong names x

Karen Bethell

Karen Bethell said:

Call it Isla.
A simple but beautiful & positive name. It conjures up images of a desert island, standing out in the middle of a sea of mediocrity.


MrsShilts said:

I think you should call it Autumn as it’s a gorgeous colour that will represent the next phase of our good old British climate!


Iris said:

I think “Regina” would be a lovely name. It is a girls name and it means “Queen” in Italian. I always find Mia Tui sound very Italian ;-)

Kelly Martin

Kelly Martin said:

I love the name Arabella which is the Dutch word for beautiful. Would be lovely to have a bag called that on my shoulder.


Lindsey said:

Phoebe, Ellie or Elizabeth

Morfudd Lewis

Morfudd Lewis said:

Name for the new bag ….
JOY as it’s a joy to use,holds what you need everyday, for fundays and travel too.

Morfudd Lewis

Emma Webb

Emma Webb said:

I think it should be either the Isabel or Izzy, no reason other than I just love the names!

Lee Bodily

Lee Bodily said:

I think a good name is Samra’ which means soft, light tanned color in Arabic – perfect! x


Becky said:

It is lovely and I think Evie or Rosie would suit it perfectly!

Mary Chez

Mary Chez said:


catherine @mummylion

catherine @mummylion said:

Can i second Iris’ comment – my Grandma died at the end of march and she was called Regina, so I’d love a bag named after her. It has to be said with a Dutch accent though! (rrregeena)

Her second name was Maria (Houstons choice) and her third name was Julianna,

katie simpkins

katie simpkins said:

Alayna means beautiful in French, sounds perfect for your beautiful bag!

michelle gledhill

michelle gledhill said:

It should be named- Rebecca! Don’t know why it just looks like a Rebecca to me. lol


Jane said:

I think you should name it Charlotte in honour of my friend who gets everyone she knows addicted to Mia Tui bags. And also because you can get such a lotte of stuff into it. (I’ll get my coat).

sandra ma

sandra ma said:


Tania Gatward

Tania Gatward said:

Sofia x


Rhiannon said:

I think it looks like a Lola to me, love the new faux leather it looks just gorgeous! x


Helen said:

I think you should call the bag Ella. It’s my daughters name and I think it is a name which will stand the test of time and is also simple and beautiful.

Tracey Lewis

Tracey Lewis said:

Gorgeous I think Alamea would suit it perfectly! It means ‘precious’ in Hawaiian :-) x

jenny paulin

jenny paulin said:

Audrey after the stylish and sophisticated Audrey Hepburn. A bag which makes a statement yet remains classy and sassy.

Julie Osborne

Julie Osborne said:

Madeline – a lovely name for a lovely bag!


Ria said:

Your range of bags always make me think of 50’s movie stars, so how about Bette, Marilyn, Audrey or Katherine?

Susan Irving

Susan Irving said:

I have just discovered these bags and will be getting one for my birthday!!! I also think a boys name for a change would be different but what about Sam, could then be either!!!


Clare said:

I like Leilah or Lena


Madeleine said:

Magnificent!!!!! xx

Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor said:

My previous comment doesn’t seem to be showing, I think this bag should be called Fallon as its beautiful and strong :-)


Joanne said:

How about Felicity – the meaning of happiness/joy or a ‘cause of happiness’ or ‘appropriate and pleasing manner or style’ ( seem very fitting!


Sam said:

I think you should call the new bag Coco because it’s stylish & fashionable, it’s a French sounding name that goes well with the others in the range, and the bag in the photo is the colour of hot chocolate/cocoa :-)


Jean said:

What about Faith – meaning confidence or belief as everyone will be confident that your bag will deliver what it promises.
As the size of this bag is between Ava and Grace what about a name beginning with ‘D’ (letter between A and G)? Daya is a lovely name meaning compassion. Your bags sympathise with all we need to carry and offers an organised solution.

The new bag looks fabulous by the way.


TheBoyandMe said:

What about Audrey? Means nobility or strength, and I always think that the Mia Tui bags are for strong, independent women. Also you tend to go for 50s style names and I’m thinking Audrey Hepburn?


Aletta said:

Hannah! This bag looks as smooth as my newborn girl Hannah, so I’d name it after her… Plus… Hannah is a timeless name, this bag looks timeless and stylish as well!

Nikki DiGiovanni

Nikki DiGiovanni said:

Love all the tech – as they say on the gadget show ;) my choices would be:
Verona (classical, effortlessly stylish)
Sable (the colour looks luxurious)
Minx (because anyone with this bag would be 1)
Lesley (Baby in Dirty Dancing)
Fingers crossed you like one of my trio As much as I like your baby :)

Sarah Gainsborough

Sarah Gainsborough said:

This timeless bag needs a timeless name, I’m sure any owner would be using this for many, many years. My suggestion is the Nancy bag.
Whatever name she gets I’m thinking a blue one, or stone….. Or green!

Claire Pedrick

Claire Pedrick said:

Marilyn or Niamh
Or Lizzie after the silver medallist


Jessica said:

Hello. Very tempted by the plum, it would make a nice addition to my collection of 3 Grace bags and Amelie! What would I call it? Well, my daughter is called Abby so of course I vote for that. My other choice would be Elisabeth – or possibly Beth having just watched Beth Tweddle defy gravity on the parallel bars.


Mothergeek said:

Sydney has my vote xx


@Mamigz said:

Had another thought. How about ‘Olympia’ Like Olympia Dukakis but obviously because of the topical theme.

My suggestions then are Sophia cos it fits nicely with the rest of the lines names ditto Lola (the younger sister). Demi because it’s twixt sizes and Olympia.



Sally said:

Think the name of your next bag should either be Lara or Lucy. Can’t wait for them to be available!


Claire said:

Zara. Another medal!


Smilernpb said:

How about Bronte? It’s my youngest’s name. So pretty – just like your bag!


Christina Marriott

Christina Marriott said:

I think either Niamh or Nieve – I’m biased as its the name of my little girl :) xxxx

Nicola Hinchlffe

Nicola Hinchlffe said:

I think she looks like an Orla x


Ellie said:

I think Chloe would make a great name to the Mia Tui group.

Kate Churchouse

Kate Churchouse said:

Alisha or Elisha. Just met a baby Elisha and she was gorgeous!!
Can’t wait for the plum one – but want it now please!!!

Sally wilkinson

Sally wilkinson said:

No question this bag is a Phoebe, completely gorgeous.


wendy said:

I love the look of the new bags how about Eva Grace, Lara ,

Nikki Inchley

Nikki Inchley said:

How about Hope? Lovely timeless name :-) a symbol for the Olympic team, hope for your fab business too xx

Mel Moore

Mel Moore said:

I think baring in mind the eyes of the world are currently on London I think ‘Londi’ would be a good name.
Or because it is a heavenly bag ‘Neveah’ would also fit it really well. :)

Danielle Baker

Danielle Baker said:

Oh my! What a beautiful bag , I think I’m in love!
I’d choose the name ‘Faith’ as my daughter’s name is Rosie-Faith but I think Faith really suits this bag’s beauty , individuality and dependability

Nicola Hinchlffe

Nicola Hinchlffe said:

this gorgeous girly definitely looks like an Orla to me- meaning golden princess x

Chelle McCann

Chelle McCann said:

isabella would be my choice :)

That or Charlotte ;)

Catia rodrigues

Catia rodrigues said:

I think it should be named Victoria, a beautiful name for a beautiful bag, with the meaning of Victory. One more victory for the company :)


Lorraine/Squeakymom said:

I like Erica, it’s a classic name, different enough to stand out, and sits well with the rest of the bags.

(And @Nikki – Baby in Dirty Dancing’s name was Frances Houseman, not Lesley) Oh, that would be another option, Frances, again it’s a classic, and fits with Amelie quite nicely.


MumReinvented said:

Kate after the Duchess of Cambridge, everything she seems to touch turns to gold since last year. She’s elegant and sophisticated yet fun and original.

Rebecca fouch

Rebecca fouch said:

I think The Nicole would be a good name.

keren mary curran

keren mary curran said:

ave maria


Tracey said:

I think the Freya bag, a beautiful name for a beautiful bag and it fits in nicely with the rest of the range. Also in Norse mythology comes from Goddess associated with love, beauty and fertility!

Liz Tumbridge

Liz Tumbridge said:

ANNABELLA meaning ‘Easy to Love’. Speaks for itself really :) x

Lucy Zelazowski

Lucy Zelazowski said:

Lucia (I think it suits your brand) Fingers crossed


Jayne said:

I think you should call it ‘Edith’.


Carol said:



jo said:

Oh it has to be the Petula, after Ms Clark. She was fab in 1981 too when she played Maria in ‘The Sound of Music’, and ‘Downtown’ is also a fine song. Plus of course you’ll be going downtown with your lovely new Petula bag, wont you?

Attachment Mummy

Attachment Mummy said:

Lara or Sophia after my beautiful babies :)


Dominique said:

It is a royal kate or lizzie bag…..

michelle gledhill

michelle gledhill said:

Rebecca!. Really think it’s a Rebecca. One of my best friends is called Rebecca and this bag is so her.

Alison Webb

Alison Webb said:

I think the bag should be called Bertha the bag or Poppy x


Sahara said:

i go for Nell! spunky femina.


Ali said:

I love the look of this new bag. When will it be available please?

Jane Clark

Jane Clark said:

You need an E in your range so what about ‘Evie’?

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