What's it like being a Mia Tui at Home Agent..?

I thought it would be nice for Elyssa to write a post about being a Mia Tui at Home agent.

Elyssa first saw me when I was selling the bags in a local shopping centre, this bundle of energy came up to me and said, "I could sell these bags at a party for you". It was something that I had planned for Mia Tui, so I thought, why not let's give this a go.

Fast forward 8 months and Elyssa has been running about selling the bags, so I will hand you over to Elyssa...


My name is Elyssa and I started off Mia Tui at Home, it fits so easily around my family and me.  I am my own boss, with my own schedule and my own targets.  Charlotte is an absolute delightful person to deal with and it’s hard not to get passionate about her bags.  So when she offered me the opportunity of working for myself, I couldn’t wait to get started. 

I am married and have 3 young children and as you can imagine I have a lot to carry around.  When I saw Mia Tui handbags, I knew they would be perfect for me. I spoke to Charlotte and said I know lots of ladies who would love the Mia Tui bags and that I could have a party.

Charlotte suggested we did it one evening and that’s exactly what happened.  I invited friends and family to a party at my house to view the lovely Mia Tui Handbags, what a success!  My front-room was full and the women couldn’t wait to own their very own Mia Tui handbag.

I have the Mia Tui Ava bag, I took this to the Parents and Tots group I attend and the mums there loved my new bag and wanted one for themselves, so I started sell the bags there.

I can do this job as it fits around me and my family.  I have displays at the Parents and Tots group almost monthly and at the Nursery, whilst I do this my youngest just plays as normal, this job really does fit around me and my life.

When someone books an At Home Party, I go to their home and show them the bags, and now the school is allowing me to display the bags in the staff-room, so all the teachers can have a look.  Mia Tui is truly a bag for all reasons.  I have also attend Charity NCT Pamper Evening

I have no deadlines, I only have my schedule and no pressure, but because I am passionate about the bags, it’s easy!

Love Elyssa x




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