Mother & Baby Awards - Gold

Most of you will probably already know that we won Gold for the “Best Travel Product” at the Mother & Baby Awards last week.

It is the biggest highlight in the short life of Mia Tui, as a new comer into the market place you are competing against established companies who are well known, and to be recognised as the best in this category is a major achievement.

The day of the awards was a busy one in the Mia Tui office, so there was not the luxury of taking my time to get ready, I laddered my tights just before leaving, so had to make a mercy dash to M&S to get another pair before picking up my Dad late!

My husband Philippe was away on business so couldn’t come with me, which was a shame as this is as much his baby as mine, but my good old dad stepped in to take his place.

Me and My Dad

It was lovely to have my dad with me, we took our time driving down to London and we got time to chat, when we got to the Hilton Park Lane and made our way into the champagne reception, and felt a little out of place, as we didn’t know anyone.

Our table was full of really lovely people, Kool Trade, Jo-Jo Maman, Baba + Boo (the lovely Eve) . We were amongst seasoned winners Kool Trade had won for 7 years on the run..!

There were quite a lot of categories to get through, Kool Trade won again and Baba + Boo won Bronze for reusable nappies.

Then came our category, Momymoo Bronze, JJ Cole Silver, as they announced the Gold winner they read out what the testers thought of the product, and as they said “Our testers loved how roomy the bag was and how much space it provided” I knew we had WON..!, I think my dad just said “F**k” over and over.

There was no decorum; I jumped up and down screaming “IT’S ME, I WON, I WON” not so cool..! Dad came up with me to collect the award, the rest was a blur, there was a spotlight on us as we made our way from the back of the room to the front, I couldn’t see a thing and nearly went flying arse over tit..!!


So there you have it, Mia Tui won Gold at the Mother & Baby awards which are acknowledged by retailers and consumers as the definitive, independent benchmark for parenting products that offer exceptional quality, user-friendliness and value for money. They have been described as ‘the Oscars’ of the parenting industry and the ultimate recognition of excellence’.

I shall keep my award in the toilet in true Oscar fashion..!


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