Win a Sofia Bag in Black

 Win a Sofia Bag in Black

Sofia is a hobo handbag that bridges the gap between functionality and fashion, and delivers a unique solution that will simplify your life.

You'll find our unique interior with multiple pockets, zips, clips and extra bags means you never have to dig for a missing key or lipstick again. And you'll fit everything you need in one bag to stay looking stylish.

Plus, each bag comes with a removable PVC bag ideal for make-up or toilertries as well as a co-ordinating clutch bag for essentials such as purse and keys

All you need to do is tell us what the "Tui" in Mia Tui means - post your answer in the comments below or on the Mia Tui Facebook page. Then hit the Facebook Like Button below

Competition ends Sunday 17th February, all correct entries will be put in to a hat and randomly drawn.





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Yseult said:

Tui means Pocket in Vietnamese and since Charlotte has been staying it Vietnam when she had the idea for the bag… that’s my guess ;-)


Jillian said:

Hmm, not sure but could it be after a New Zealand bird?


Lisa said:

It means ‘bags’!
Mia Tui means my bags in Vietnamese :)

katie mitchell

katie mitchell said:

tui means yours

Susan Irving

Susan Irving said:

It means “bags”
Susan x

Amanda Cashin

Amanda Cashin said:

Tui means ‘Bag’

Karen Saunders

Karen Saunders said:

I think Tui means pocket bag in vietnamese!


Helen said:

Tui = bag

Elaine McDonough

Elaine McDonough said:

‘Tui’ means bags. :-)


Debbie said:

Tui means bag x

Sally Edwards

Sally Edwards said:

I think it means you or your – the name often makes me think of the Chuckle Brothers – to me – to you! It’s my favourite bag brand!

emma evans

emma evans said:

bags xx

Rebecca Fenton

Rebecca Fenton said:

It’s means bags xx


Nickie said:

‘’Tui’ means ’bag" (Vietnamese)

Shelley Bird

Shelley Bird said:

Hi, I believe the answer is bag!


Ali said:

Oh I love a competition that I learn something too. I have often wondered, so my answer is the Tui in Mia Tui means ‘Pocket’ :-)

Adebisi Osundeko

Adebisi Osundeko said:

Mia means ’’bags’’ in Vietnam language:)

Kelly Elsom

Kelly Elsom said:

Competition meaning of tui I think is ‘travel’ x fingers crossed x

Julie-Anne McCarthy

Julie-Anne McCarthy said:

Tui could come from the same principal as Tui Travel and the airport in Saudi Arabia. Tui name is renowned in travel circles and only fitting for a gorgeous bag that travels everywhere with you. I am sure some associate it with New Zealand and the honey eater but I believe you got the name from the travel origin. I got my Grace too by the way yesterday and I am in bag heaven thank :)

Alison Turnnidge

Alison Turnnidge said:

Tui means Bags

Eileen Teo

Eileen Teo said:


Amy Pearson

Amy Pearson said:

It means ‘Bag’ in Vietnamese


Anne said:

Tui means bag in Vietnamese (where they’re made)


jessica said:

YOURS! (guessed since tu is your in spanish, and semi verified by the internet…). don’t know why it didn’t click earlier that is such a great company name! Love your bags, crossing my fingers!

Mrs jean Parr

Mrs jean Parr said:

l love the bag answer is Mia Tui means my bag (hope it is )


Tracey said:

TUI – Totally Unbelievably Important ( to have one)

Deborah Berry

Deborah Berry said:

‘Tui’ means ‘bag’ in Vietnamese

Laura Daniell

Laura Daniell said:

Tui means bag or bags in Vietnamese.
I am so impressed with all of your designs and only found out about Mia Tiui recently through a friend. Needless to say I will be placing my first order soon. Can’t wait!

Chelle McCann

Chelle McCann said:

Tui means bag. My Bag.
Fingers crossed :)

Samantha Y

Samantha Y said:


Michelle Lea

Michelle Lea said:

‘Tui’ means ‘bags’

Christine Dodd

Christine Dodd said:

It means bag

Linda Linsley

Linda Linsley said:

Tui means “bag”.


sandra said:


Vicki Holt

Vicki Holt said:

Tui means bags :) xx

Zoe Greengrass

Zoe Greengrass said:

Tui means bags in Vietnamese

Emily Lane

Emily Lane said:

Tui means bags!


Gemma said:

It means bag in Vietnamese

Lindsey Gordon

Lindsey Gordon said:

Mia Tui = My Bag :)

Nikki Thomas

Nikki Thomas said:

Tui means bags

Jen Dixon

Jen Dixon said:

bag :)

Kellie Collister

Kellie Collister said:

Bag ♥


Caroline said:

I think it means bag!


Angela said:


Gemma Mills

Gemma Mills said:

My Bag in Vietamese x

Fundoo Shop

Fundoo Shop said:

Hey amazing… And it is a perfect all purpose as it has covered all possible provisions…
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Diane Corsham

Diane Corsham said:

Tui means bags in Vietnamese!

Lisa grove

Lisa grove said:

This means bags in Vietnamese xx

Lisa grove

Lisa grove said:

Tut means bags in Vietnamese, not sure if last one went through so have re-entered xx

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