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I started Mia Tui because I couldn't find the perfect bag to travel with, I didn't know where it would take me, and some days (most days) I question what the hell I am doing working 18 hour days, being a mum and wife.

Then someone will either drop me an email or comment on Facebook about how they love their new Mia Tui bag and I realise why I am doing it.

I want to bring bags that really work to people, our lives are so busy we need a bag that can really work for us, at a price that is affordable. I know not everyone will love the styles, or colours, but as we grow we bring new styles that hopefully appeal to more and more people. There will be a leather collection next.

What I have are stylish bags that are functional, you can fit up your ipad, Kindle in the pockets, find your keys, take a bottle of water with you, keep it cool and you don't risk it up-ending in your bag.

I kind of want the world to know about these bags, I am so passionate about them, but know it takes time to build a business. We gain more and more converts each day. Our customer are all ages, currently we are in Yours magazine which is for 55+ so I have ladies calling the office who don't use the Internet to buy a bag!

This is a excerpt from an article in The Sunday Times Style Magazine, by India Knight, now tell me if I'm wrong, but is she looking for a Mia Tui bag or what..!

"God, the saga of bags. Why are they so hard to get right? Why don’t the people who make bags think of the customer’s needs? I don’t mind coughing up. In fact, I want to cough up, because I want a Bag for Life — the bag that’s going to make me feel sorry for all the other bags that exist; the bag that’s going to make me feel smug because I have found perfection; the bag equivalent of Acne Pistol boots or the Nars lip pencil in Dragon Girl. But no. The closest I’ve got is a Maxi Zip Satchel by Anya Hindmarch. This, despite being black, has something of the conker about its leather.

Here are the things that are currently in my bag, the things I carry about every day. A wallet (fat, inelegant, with receipts spilling out); a make-up bag (also fat and bulgy); a Kindle, which has replaced the giant hardbacks I used to lug around and which made the Bag Quest even more impossible; an iPhone and a charger; sunglasses in a case; a pot of Carmex; a pair of headphones (foldable); a small notebook; a pen; cigarettes; a lighter.

That’s the bare minimum. If I’m out with the children, the bag needs to be roomy enough to accommodate whatever my daughter chooses to bring with her — a paperback, maybe a Kindle Fire, a Barbie, some wipes, a selection of hair clips. If the weather’s inclement, we can add a pair of gloves, a hat and a scarf. If we’re on holiday, the bag needs to be big enough to shove in small purchases or findings.

Bags that can accommodate my needs exist, of course — there’s no shortage of big bags around, some of them comically so (though 2013 is supposedly the year of the teeny-tiny bag. Which is cool if you have a teeny-tiny life, I guess, or are 5ft 1in). But why do they all consist of leather on the outside, with a giant empty space in the middle? I pack my carrier bags more carefully than high-end bag-makers would have me pack my precious possessions.

Why am I supposed to throw everything into a giant hole and be happy to have it all rattling about, getting bashed and dented?

Why am I not allowed to have sections or — excepting Hindmarch — sodding pockets, and I don’t mean one lone zippy thing for my phone? You know? I’m handing over hundreds of pounds, and you’re giving me nice leather and the black hole of Calcutta. It’s not okay. It enrages me, actually. Also, cheap linings that rip? Really? At a grand a pop? I don’t think so."

So, I do have it right, the Mia Tui concept is what people are wanting and looking for, one day the big retailers will come knocking on my door saying "show us the way in the handbag revolution" then we can bring many different styles and fabrics to the deserving women of the world.

What does a Mia Tui bag look like on the inside

We have pockets, we have clips for your keys, we have insulated bottle holders for your drinks, we have bags for your make-up or cables, we have a clutch bag for your purse.



  • emma webb

    She sooo needs a Mia Tui, an Amelie, Minnie Amelie or Ella sounds perfect for her!

  • lisamareedom

    Yes but leather. I would be like India and be prepared to pay for a bag that works but I like leather. I really like my Grace Black because it is leather. A mini Amelie in pink leather would be a dream!

  • Ali

    I think you have a fab concept, organised inside but looks gorgeous on the outside. I would say a bit like me but I am not organised!!! ;-)

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