The Mia Tui Range - Which One Is For You..???


I want to take a look at the different sizes of bags in the Mia Tui collection and the different occasions you can use them.




Amelie - This is our largest bag and designed as the ulimate travel bag.

Amelie is airline compliant, so you can take on-board any airline, even Ryan Air won't charge you any extra.! It will fit under the seat in front of you don't have to keep getting up and down from your seat to get things. The clear PVC bags are also airline compLiant for your carry-on liquids.

Other occasions to use an Amelie incude, gym and swimming, use the clear PVC bags for your toiletries and you can easily fit 3 towels in the bag.

Amelie is a big bag and best suited to someone who is taller, so at least 5ft 6"


Minnie Amelie 


Minnie Amelie - This is is a smaller version of the Amelie and our award winning bag. Minnie Amelie is a fantastic baby changing bag, work bag or smaller travel bag.

There are two bottle holders in this bag, so great if you have a couple of kids, or you can use for an umbrella, sunglasses, or as someone from Ireland suggested your plastic bags to use when shopping (Ireland have a plastic bag tax now)

Minnie Amelie will fit up to a 17" inch lap top and all your work files, then you have all your personal stuff in the clutch bag, great if you need to just grab and go.




Ella - Is our new style and slightly smaller than the Minnie Amelie, this is because it tappers towards the top. The interior is the same as Minnie Amelie with two insulated bottle holders.

Ella is a great larger handbag, work bag or a very stylish baby changing bag.

The clutch now has a long detachable strap which allows you to wear it across your body, this is great if you are out for a night and want to sling the bag across you.

The Mia Tui key clip is in all our bags, and stops you fishing for your keys all the time.




Sofia - This is a medium sized handbag, which can be worn under your arm as shown or across your body like a messenger bag.

The Sofia still has the clutch bag and small travel sized PVC bag, and a water-bottle holder. This bag makes a great everyday bag or smaller work bag, you can still fit an iPad or Kindle in the pocket, or a small lap-top in the centre of the bag.





Grace - This is one of our most popular styles of bag, you can see that it can be worn under your arm or across your body. This is a very spacious bag, you have a bottle holder, small clutch bag, and small pvc bag that fit into the pockets.

Use this bag everyday, or it makes a great city-break bag as you can easily fit your water, camera, guide books etc into the bag.

The Mini iPad and Kindle fit into the pockets or a full sized iPad in the middle of the bag.




Ascot - Not wanting to leave the men out, we have brought out the Ascot, this is a messenger bag that can be used for work or a changing bag for the man who doesn't do "Cup Cakes".

There is a water bottle holder, clips for keys, large front pocket and a smaller one on the back. The Ascot comes with a medium PVC bag that fits into one of the two internal pockets.


So that is the range - all except for Lottie


Lottie has been a massive hit, this bag is worn across your body, and has enough space for your essentials, purse, keys, phone, pen and some make-up.

Lottie has the signature Mia Tui key clip, so you will always find your keys.


You can find all of the Mia Tui bags at Use the code MT2012 to get 10% off the range.




  • Tori

    I’m in love with the Grace! Now I just have to pick a colour. :)

  • Becky Munguia

    Minnie Amelie is a bag that I would love. Just the right size for everything I carry with me :)

  • Jill

    I am really interested in the Grace bag in the Aubergine color. Will need to see what the exchange rate price is to the USA.

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