The unique Interior of a Mia Tui Bag

How did the Mia Tui interior come about..? well it was really about making my life easier when travelling, I would travel long-haul alone with young children, and I wanted to be able to stand at check-in drop one of the shoulder straps and find everything I needed. (without panicking that I had lost the passports) 

The interior was based around the insert bags that come with a Mia Tui bag. The clutch bag would be for all your personal bits (purse, diary etc), the PVC is airline compliant for travel liquids, make-up or cables, use the larger PVC bag (comes with the Amelie bag) for tolietries, or a great use is for colouring pens to keep the little ones entertained.

These internal bags needed to fit in the bag so you could find them quickly, so that is where the pockets came into it, they are placed around the inside of the bag, so you can easily find your essential items and still have space in the middle to dump things.!

The bright fabric is even a considered choice, have you ever tried to find anything in a black lined bag..? So that is why we use a bright pink interior, you can always see into your bag, the colour may change one day as I know not everyone loves pink. :-)

The clips for your keys was an important feature (how many times are have you lost your keys in your bag!) as was the insulated -bottle holder.

So that is how the Amelie bag came about, it was the 1st bag in the Mia Tui range, we found everyone loved how organised they felt when travelling, so we knew we were on to a winner.!

We then took the same concept and translated it into different sized bags and Mia Tui grew in styles and  colours, and has become loved by so many people.

The Amelie bag is allowed on all budget airlines as hand-luggage, and this is the must have bag for families, as it has so many uses...

  • Travelling
  • Swimming
  • Beach bag
  • Gym Bag
  • Big days out.

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Here are a few of our bags, and those oh so practical interiors.



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