We need another name..!

We have a new style coming out in July, it is a smaller take on the Grace bag.

This bag has an adjustable shoulder strap and a zipped back pocket. As with all the other Mia Tui bags you can zip the bag closed and it has our unique interior.

In this bag you get a small clutch bag, phone/pen holder and key clip.

It is big enough to take a full sized iPad and the feedback from the lucky few who have got to road test this bag is, it is a great everyday bag.

So now we need a name.. please add your choice of name below, or on the Facebook page www.facebook.com.miatui

Lines close 10pm on the 23rd June and the winner will win one of the new bags Aubergine.




  • Catherine Britton

    Its a Clara, my little girl’s name, cutier than the original, can pack a lot in, knows how to handle an IPad and Mummy loves it x

  • Sam wright

    I was thinking as there is a French theme with the names how about Genevieve. A very pretty name .

  • Kate

    I think you should call it the Caroline, as it is a smaller version of the Grace and Princess Caroline was Grace Kelly’s first daughter.

  • Catherine


  • christian

    - iTravel
    - starbag

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