Everyone needs an "Amelie" in their life.

The Amelie bag is the reason Mia Tui exists, living abroad and travelling a lot you need a bag that is your "right-hand man"!


A bag that you are not going to swear at when you can't find the spare dummy, as you have lost the other one down the side of the seat,  or can't find your purse when you need to pay for that MUCH needed glass of wine on the plane.

I would get so frustrated with my bag, it was a great size but I couldn't find anything in it, no pockets and it had a black interior (how hard is it to find anything when the lining is black!),

So that is how the interior of a Mia Tui bag came about, through thinking about the interior of the bag, and coming up with a design that is simple but WORKS!



Why do I think everyone should have an Amelie in their life? You may not use this bag everyday, but "Amelie" will have your back for the following occasions, and you will be so glad you have her in your wardrobe.

Travelling - it's airline compliant and can even fit under the seat in front of you, if you are away with the girls for a weekend, it's probably all you will need to take. Travelling with a family, it's your travel bag and your beach bag all in one.

Gym/Swimming - The Amelie is big enough for all your gym gear, and you can easily grab your wash stuff in the large PVC without having to filing your "undies" over the changing room floor.! The water-proof interior and pockets are perfect for your damp gear after your workout.

Big Days Out - When you are out for the day, maybe visiting friends, out for a picnic, the Amelie is the perfect size to allow you to only to take one bag.

Hospital Bag - Having a baby, the Amelie bag makes such a great hospital bag, and you will use it time and time again when out and about with your new baby.


As we are coming up to that time of year where we will be travelling, visiting friends and family,or maybe even thinking I should start going to the gym (I would leave that until the new year!) we are doing a very special offer.


Buy an Amelie bag for only £40 (that's £23 off) - Use the code "Amelie13" on the website www.miatui.com

Offer ends 17th November 2013





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