Autumn Winter Photo Shoot

Well it's been just over a week since the Autumn Winter 20 photo shoot took place and I have only just had a chance to sit down and write this! 

As usual when we have a Seasonal photo shoot, we thought you would like to have a little look at what goes on behind the scenes and hear more about the day. 

This season we wanted a very sharp minimalist edge to the images, something that felt very now. With Charlotte having just moved into the house she has almost re built it worked perfectly as our location for the shoot. This in turn also cut down the time we spend finding a location that is exactly what we are looking for. 

Our photographer Noel, along with the two fabulous models Laura and Christine made the day easy and we are so very happy with the images which are exactly what we were looking for. 

As usual on photo shoot day, we ask the models to do their own hair and make up this being that we want a natural feel and look and as you know when you do your own hair and make up, you know best what works for you! It's the same with our gorgeous models, they know how best to get the natural look we want. 

Setting up the first location within the house was soon done and it is then straight into the first image we are looking for. We have a plan that we work to, essentially we are after the main collections on the website front page and then from those initial images we can then change bags in and out for other uses for example our social media channels and ads. 

It's always hard for the first few shots to agree on "the look" although we have it in our minds, transferring this to a photographer isn't always easy. Noel worked with us and had patience with us though and slowly we got there. 

When we mention to friends or family that we are working on planning the photo shoot, everyone usually says what fun it must be and working? Really? And yes, it is a-lot of fun but the planning and detail that it takes is pretty hard to understand until you have had to do it.

We have to think of styles, colours, model looks, complexions, heights and so much more and that's just the planning. We thoroughly work through each shot that we need for the website and from that original plan we then have to shop for the models outfits and co-ordinate these with the bag colours. Not forgetting trying not to duplicate colours and styles for different collections. 

It's an unknown quantity working with new models and photographer and there is no rehearsal day so it's now or never to get the right look and vibe.

Laura and Christine didn't know each other before the shoot but it was great to find that they just clicked straight away and worked so well together it was a dream! They loved the brand and were so enthusiastic which can be seen in the amazing pictures Noel took. 

As well as using Charlotte's home, we went out into the village and Noel got some stunning images in the local area, the look and feel of this years Autumn Winter shoot is exactly what we had in our minds eye. 

It takes time to get any shot as we have to check the bags are being held/worn correctly, zips are in the right place, the colour is right, models look comfortable and natural. It isn't as easy as it looks! 

We broke for a quick lunch in the sun and chatted about what we were looking for from the afternoon shots and locations and then it was straight back to work.

It's always a full on day that starts early and finishes around 6 but to see all we achieve in just one day is pretty amazing. 

As you may have seen Charlotte went live on FB a few times throughout the day to show you all some of the behind the scenes goings on and there was a lot of laughter throughout the day. 

We hope you love the new pictures, look and feel as much as we do! 

Thank you to Laura and Christine for being absolute stars and to Noel our photographer for "getting us" and what we were looking for! 




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