Using Wax Melts - the do's and dont's!

Since we launched the Home Fragrance Collection at the end of 2020, we have continued to work hard behind the scenes to grow the range and add more amazing fragrances to the two we launched with.

We honestly believe that our Home Fragrances are THE best you will ever buy. Now obviously we know that but selling fragrance online is not an easy job! We understand that as customers you need to be able to smell the fragrances to help you make the decision of which to buy. Last week, we launched our fragrance samples which are FREE! You will receive a wax melt segment and fragrance stick in each of the 4 fragrances for you to try. 

We have been inundated with orders for the fragrance samples since launching and we hope that this will lead to more customers ordering now that they can make an informed decision. 

The latest addition to the range are the Wax Melts and wow they have been so well received. We know that many of our customers use wax melts everyday around their homes, but if you are new to them then let us give you a little insight into ours. 

As with the whole collection, our Wax Melts are hand poured in England using only THE purest ingredients. We use 100% Essential Oils and Organic Rapeseed & Coconut Wax that is totally organic and environmentally friendly.  We don't use Soy wax because we cannot guarantee that it hasn't been genetically modified, something that is little known to the consumer! 

You can rest assured that we will never use any other type of wax. For example many wax melts are made from paraffin which is made from the waste products left over from crude oil producing petroleum.  Some paraffin wax products can also be disguised as "mineral wax" so always read the ingredients carefully.

Wax melts are simply a candle with no wick.  A scented wax that you melt in a wax warmer with either a tea light or using an electric one. When the wax melts, it  releases a stronger fragrance than a candle, due to the fact that it is melting at a higher and more consistent temperature and you are vaporising the scent.

Wax Melts

Don't use an oil burner there is a difference between oil and wax burners. A wax burner should ideally measure 10cm from the tea light to the well/dish of the burner and the well or dish is traditionally deeper than that of an oil burner. Anything less than this means that you are using an oil burner (designed for us with water and oils) or a mini burner that is only meant to be used for short burst of times (60 mins max). Using the wrong burner, will use your wax too quickly, and even over heat the fragrance oils to a dangerous level. Most commonly it just burns off the fragrance so that you can't really smell it all and just detect an oily waxy scent.

Our Wax Melt starter kits are an easy way to begin using them, simply choose which kit works best for you and the fragrances you want. They also make great gifts for friends and family. You can even choose from a tea light or electric burner. 

Wax melts work by releasing the fragrance oil in the wax once the wax is melted. Just put 2-3 segments into your chosen wax melt into the well of your wax burner and put a tea light underneath or use an electric wax burner if preferred. When you've had enough you simply turn off or blow out the tea light and you can allow the wax to harden and use again. Once the wax starts to lose it's scent you simply remove and replace with fresh wax. Once hardened we find our wax is easy to remove from the burner when you wish to replace. 

Certain fragrances will evoke specific memories, this is known at "The Proust Effect" and is due to how close the olfactory processing system is to the memory hub in the brain. The amygdala, the almond-shaped brain structure that processes sensory information, and the hippocampus, the area responsible for storing episodic memories for later access, sit close together in the brain. This is why the smell of say freshly mown grass takes you back to childhood Summer days or baby powder which gives a feeling of security and joy from maybe childhood memories or being a new parent. 

We have four amazing fragrances available in our Wax Melts (coming soon to our Candles and Reed Diffusers too!) These are:


Oak & Cedarwood is the fragrance men notice! With gentle woody undertones, we believe this scent is perfect for you if you prefer a more earthy aroma.  It fills the room without being overly heavy.


Think of walking through the garden in the Sunshine with the heady aroma of a Honeysuckle filling the air. Add to that the gentle more earthy grass tones that Vetiver brings to the mix and we think you will agree that this fragrance will fill your home with a fresh yet floral scent.


This fragrance is reminiscent of a carefree Summer Day, hence the name. Imagine a garden full of beautiful Summer flowers in bloom, filled with a light mix of soft floral tones drifting gently through the air.


Think of an explosion of white flowers reminiscent of Gardenia and Jasmine combined with the gentle saltiness that fills the air on a coastal walk. This scent may not be easy to describe but it is a very different fragrance that will envelop the senses.

 I hope you have found this blog post helpful, don't forget you can order a FREE fragrance sample here if you are curious as to which scent is "you"

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