Why you should always travel with an Alex or Oxford

Why you should always travel with an Alex or Oxford

I am just sitting on the plane coming back from a few days visiting my in-law’s in France.

I have flown with EasyJet and watched people getting stressed out and angry when their carry-on suitcases have been taken off of them.

EasyJet says you can take one piece of hand-luggage, this can be a small suitcase, but due to space in the overhead lockers, most people are asked to put their hand-luggage in the hold at the last minute. 

I think if you pay for Speedy Boarding or are an EasyJet+ customer you are guaranteed to have your hand-luggage with you in the cabin.                                                 

This has happened to us before and caused much upset with my girls, as have their personal things in their bags and most importantly their sleeping comforters, there has been many a tear shed!

On this trip, we all took hand-luggage that could fit under the seat in front of us, I had a Megan with all the passports and tickets and my Jennie travel bag, the Megan can easily sip into the Jennie once you get on the plane, and my husband and the girls had a Sydney backpack each.

I was sitting thing about how to make things easier if you do need to take a small suitcase onboard as your carry-on hand luggage.

It would be advisable to have one of our Alex or Oxford folding travel bags in your suitcase, so if you are asked to check in your hand-luggage you can whip out the bag and have a bag to put all the things you need for your flight.

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December 22, 2017

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