Set of 3 PVC Bags

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Our travel set is a set of three sturdy, useful PVC bags.

Use them with our packing cubes for really organised packing.  Everything lays flat, the PVC bags fit inside the packing cubes if you have space or neatly on top of the cubes.  Really useful if you are on the move or living out of a suitcase.  You can see everything at a glance. 

They can be used around the pool or on the beach to keep your stuff dry.  No more sticky suntan lotion bottles in your bag! 

Use them to keep cash, passport, tickets and other important documents in, then it can go straight into a safe all in one place and no risk of leaving anything behind.

The smallest one is perfect for the 100ml liquids at airport security.  Imagine not having to arrive at the airport and find a bag and space at an already overcrowded table and have to go through your bag to find your 100ml items. 


Of course, security is of paramount importance and sometimes you may be required to use the airport plastic bag, but rest assured that all the items in your Mia Tui bag will fit into the airport-supplied bag. 


Small: 20cm x 16cm 

Medium: 26cm x 18cm 

Large: 30cm x 26cm 

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