Back On The Health & Fitness Wagon - Step 3 out of 10 - Choose!


Yep! when you stay stuck or continue following old habits…. you are NOT choosing. Basically it means you are not being mindful or aware. You are NOT being tuned into your reasons for WHY (go back to step 1 of 10) you are doing this.

If you got up today intending to go to the gym but you didn’t or your intention was to eat clean and not drink but you caved….. you just allowed the old program to run it’s course. This old program has not served you well recently if you are struggling with your weight and fitness.

So today CHOOSE! CHOOSE to feel good. CHOOSE to get stronger. CHOOSE to feel amazing.

If you are not feeling amazing and your are NOT doing the tasks you have set for yourself to bring a better you in 2015 then you are simply NOT choosing and allow the inner voice to talk you out of it.

Your inner voice is telling you a story. A story not based on fact. A story you DO NOT have to listen to. If you start to choose… you would choose better right?

If you would like to know more about being conscious and choosing instead of listening to the negative voice in your head then I strongly suggest you follow Richard Wilkins and Liz Ivory, the founders and creators of the amazing program Broadband consciousness 

Big love, small tummies!

Jill – The Fat Controller

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