What's going on behind the Scenes?


Who knew when we launched our Spring Summer 20 collection in early March what the year had in store for us? In what is the 10th Anniversary year of Charlotte launching Mia Tui it really has been a year to remember! 

We were super excited about the four new colours, classy, somewhat understated, but truly a range of colours that can carry you throughout the Seasons. 

Due to what happened next, Covid-19 which sent us into lockdown in late March and the fallout of that which meant furlough for the team, we haven't really had the opportunity to really shout from the rooftops about our stunning Summer range! But there is still opportunity to purchase these stunning colours in many of your favourite styles. Whether you love a classic neutral (Pebble) a gentle grey (Whisper Grey) or subtle pink (Blush) or maybe the need for a little glitz and glamour with Gold! 


As a family owned and run business, Mia Tui has of course, along with thousands of other businesses not just in the UK but around the world had to adapt to the "new normal" It's certainly been a sharp learning curve and every aspect of the business has had to undergo changes. 

Charlotte's understanding of both her business and her customers has been the key to surviving this terrible time. Her positive leadership has helped keep team spirits up and we are now fortunate to be back in the office (part-time, but it's a start!) as a team, doing what we do best ... sending out stunning bags and making Mia Tui customers happy! 

Yes, times have changed, sadly we know many of our customers have had very difficult times to contend with. Going into lockdown initially, we questioned if we should continue to post pictures of our range on our social media platforms and to send our newsletters out to our customers? Was this the right thing to do? Would our customers think us insensitive to the current situation? But if we didn't would Mia Tui survive? 

So with the usual honesty you will find from Mia Tui, we asked what you wanted? What should we do? And we were totally overwhelmed with replies saying you wanted to hear from us, that pretty pictures of our range weren't insensitive but helped to keep some form of normality alive in these unprecedented times. 

Not only did we adapt as a business to survive, it has been your adaption as our wonderful customers too that has really kept us going. 

So what have we been up to during lockdown? Well, we launched a Mia Tui Community page on Facebook, it's not all about using it as a sales platform for the brand.  It's simply a group of like minded people who feel they are in a safe community where we can let off steam occasionally, post uplifting positive comments and pictures. From the feedback we have received, although the idea of the Community group was to help during lockdown, it seems those of you who are members really want us to keep it open and so we will as long as it's wanted and needed. 

Although production had to stop for a few months, we are now back on track and excitedly awaiting our next container from Van in early September. But before then we have to plan and action our Autumn/Winter 20 photoshoot and launch. 

It's great to be back, and as sales continue to grow (fingers crossed) the team will hopefully get back to a normal full-time working week. Things may be a little different going forward but it's all positive and the team are very excited for the coming months and what they will bring.

Charlotte has been working hard in the background to bring some new designs and ideas to the range and these will gradually be launched later in the year. 

We also have an old favourite making a comeback in September, so if you've been with Mia Tui from the early years keep your eyes peeled for its return! 

So thank you, once again to all our loyal customers who have continued to order and support an independent UK brand. We couldn't do this without you! 



  • Lorraine Firth

    I absolutely love and adore my Mia Tui purchased! Thank you xx

  • Wendy Kelton-meek

    hi all loved reading behind the scenes, I’m now extremely excited for new colours and an old bag coming back. I have only brought mia tui bags since you began bag parties and would never buy any other brand. I am so glad you have got through this awful year and I am looking forward for whats to come, all the best wishes from Wendy Kelton-meek

  • Frances Errington

    I have about 25bags. And looking forward to seeing what’s coming up in the future I’ve bought for myself and family. Frances from Doncaster Wish I could go out and use my last bag

  • Elaine Holland

    Hello ladies – Mia Tui community page has been my go to page for connecting with ladies I now feel I know without actually having met them, so thank you very much for even thinking of setting that page up xx
    Alongside the community page, MT’s own page is also a top priority and for someone who has endured shielding during this time has bought a lot of bags for the new ‘Not Going Out’ season!! Hopefully in some small way I have done my bit because Mia Tui is the most competitive, reliable and friendly business I have ever had dealings with. I’ve only become an addict in the last year but many many congratulations to Charlotte for her continued success with Mia Tui and not forgetting her right hand woman, Nici or the extended Mia Tui family xx

  • Wendy SLaney

    Fab read, fab company and fab bags, thankyou !!

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