Packing Cubes (Set of 6)

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Welcome to the packing revolution, where packing and unpacking is made easy with the use of packing cubes!

If you haven't tried them before, you're in for a treat. Once you start using them, you'll wonder how you ever managed without them.

Assign a different coloured set for each family member to easily identify their clothes.

They're especially handy when space is limited in hotel rooms, as you can store them on shelves, or just place in draws.

Camping or traveling in a caravan/motorhome is a breeze with packing cubes - they simplify clothes storage. Our packing cubes are waterproof and machine-washable for added convenience and also have a carry handle on each one.

Set of 6 Sizes:

Navy Spot, Autumn Leaves, Pink & Navy Animal, Blue Tiger & Ikat:

1 x - X-Large: 45cm x 32cm x 7.5cm
2 x - Large: 40cm x 26cm x 7.5cm
2 x - Medium: 29cm x 17cm x 7.5cm

1 x - Small: 20cm x 13cm x 3cm

Coral, Purple Diamond, Blue, Purple Pink, Leopard, Purple Multi Spot, Peony & Poppy, French Navy, Navy Daisy, Flamingo and Sage:

2 x - X-Large: 45cm x 32cm x 7.5cm
2 x - Large:
40cm x 26cm x 7.5cm
2 x - Medium:
29cm x 17cm x 7.5cm

Weight: 650g

Machine Wash on Cold and no fabric softener to be added.

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