Packing cubes (Set of 4)

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  • 4 TRAVEL PACKING CUBES : X-Large Cube (45 x 32 x 7.5cms)  Large Cube (40 x 26 x 7.5cms) Medium Cubes (29 x 17 x 7.5cms)  Small Cube ( 20 x 13 x 3cms). Overall weight of 4 cubes: 457 gms
  • Durable High-Quality Nylon Fabric that resists usual wear and tear, Quality zippers
  • KEEPS YOUR LUGGAGE ORGANISED: pack according to travel destinations, weather or events; share the bags with other family members, each with his/her own coloured cubes
  • PROTECT YOUR CLOTHES AND LUGGAGE from stains, wrinkles and damages while travelling
  • AVOID OVERWEIGHT CHARGES AND AIRPORT STRESS: rearrange weights between bags or take 1 cube with you as a carry-on item
  • KEEP YOUR HOTEL ROOM TIDY AND SPACIOUS - just put the cubes inside the drawers and avoid the clutter
  • The packing cubes are completely machine washable